Tennis Stars Be Prepared to Be Amazed!

My friend Nina was down at the WTP last week.
She sent me a note of her adventures, and has kindly allowed me to share them here.

In a galaxy far, far, far, far, away, in another time, Nina and I both worked for a large multi-national. Her love of the environment and my natural history photography have kind of kept us in touch.

All the photos, words and story are Nina’s.  Obviously copyright, and intellectual property rights belong to her and should be honoured.

Here is what she sent me.
I had an extraordinary experience at the WTP with friends last Friday.

Where ever we went, we kept running into Brolgas.

On Kirks Point track we watched some Brolgas playing with a tennis ball for more than an hour. At first I thought they were trying to eat it, but after a while I realised they were just playing. One would drop it and the next one >would pick it up. They would also pass it to each other. I have many blurry photos because I was shaking with excitement. The memories of thisclose encounter will be with me for ever.

The images are linked to a larger version so just double click to see.  Be Amazed!

Thanks Nina.

If you would like to contact Nina drop me a note and I’ll pass on the details.

Be Amazed

8 thoughts on “Tennis Stars Be Prepared to Be Amazed!

  1. A beautiful collection from Nina, David with what would have been a most entertaining experience. The more I study bird behaviour, the more I conclude when I see birds do irrational, sometimes crazy things, they are just playing and enjoying life, just as we do. Thank Nina for her remarkable contribution, it was enjoyable to see. It would have made a great movie clip also.

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    1. Hi Ashley, I still get goose-bumps when I look over them.
      I can’t be sure if its just because it the Brolga, or the unusual activity, or the sheer exuberance the birds are displaying.
      Like you, I try not to anthropomorphise to extreme, but i adopt the approach of Jon Young of “What the Robin Knows”, if we don’t let them be birds and not just some test tube experimental, identifiable, recordable and seen in the pure scientific detachment, then we will never be able to see all the layers that they have to offer.

      Glad you enjoyed it, please feel free to share as you see useful.

      Best wishes for the next couple of week, although I have to say my pessimist is on high alert tonight for our own own state.

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  2. This is some amazing story and such great captures too! Another proof that birds do enjoy games. I’ve got a collection of shots with a young Darter playing with a piece of wood and now these so enjoyable photos by Nina only strengthen my conviction that birds also need entertainment. Please thank her for this exciting piece of photojournalism.


  3. What a delightful series of images, and such a wonderful experience to watch these graceful birds at play. Please pass on my thanks to her for sharing the photographs and the experience with us.


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