Little Visits: Enjoying the Morning Sunshine

Funny old weather Melbourne.  Biting cold for days, then, such a tiny break of stable weather.  Frost on the ground, breathing out ‘steam’, and calm winds. Ideal.

So. I, as the Banjo wrote, “Sent him a email, which I had for want of better knowledge sent to his mail address, in case he was home.
Just on Spec, titled as follows, “A trip to Point Cook is in the offing”.
And an answer came directed in a manner I expected.  “Mr An Onymous will meet you there”.

So, as #kneetoo is on the move, but not willing to venture too far at the moment, I went.

As the weather icon ladies had predicted, the morning was crisp, still and sunny. Ideal.

After the usual “G’days” and, the like, we set off for a walk through the pines.

We’d not walked more than a few hundred metres when I turned to glance a Brown Falcon that had set itself up in a sheltered, warm spot in the sunshine. Had I kept going, he’d have stayed I’m guessing, but too much activity too close, and he unfurled the big brown sails and was gone.

Next the call of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos rang across the frosty grass, and there on the other side of the paddock we say around 6-8 descend on the large pines. To be followed in quick succession by a second group of more than 20, and then another smaller mob of about 10. By the time we’d arrived close up, they were well in to their feast of the young cones in what can only be described as an open area dining area.



Then one of the young ones, crying, caught my attention and we managed a view of it being fed.  Beak to beak.

Onward for a cuppa of the Earl’s best and a sit by the water’s edge.  The moon was pulling in a high, high tide and the still waters lapped and laughed as they kissed the sand, and retreated, having enjoyed the moment so much to quickly repeat the performance.
Sometimes, just slowing down, and watching the small things, like small child exploring the beach, not over-awed by the expanse of sand and water, but rather inspecting the grains of sand on its fingers.

A Greater Crested Tern was fishing, and I missed the head shake as it came out of the water.   Then a White-faced Heron again standing perfectly still.

Several young Pacific Gulls were paddling in the clear waters, and an adult was doing its best Otis Redding impersonation of “Watchin’ the Tide Roll Away…”

We could have stayed all day, but each of us had other things family to attend to, and we retreated to the vehicles and a local coffee shop.
Great day for birds, relaxing and a bit of a natter.

As we left the beach an Australian Pelican beat its way along the water’s edge, flying low to make the most of the lift of the water.

7 thoughts on “Little Visits: Enjoying the Morning Sunshine

  1. Sounds like the ideal visit and it yielded some wonderful images.
    Great to see the Y-t Blacks, especially the young one being fed.
    Right back to Winter for the next few days, not looking forward to the next gas bill hitting the inbox.

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  2. What a marvelous morning David ! Loved your enjoyable narrative and of course those amazing photos say it all. It is quite a thrill to get a morning like that, and certainly the same here, the pines are the place to be at this time of year on the coast as the Cockies come down for the warmer winter. Sadly the Sulphurs being in over breeding proportions here have already out eaten most of the usual spots the Yellow-tails go to making them look further afield this year. Love the clarity of your picks as always. Sadly I am getting arthritis in my left thumb from holding the heavy L series Canon lens and stepped out to purchase a Tamron lens on the last days of the sale. I will still use Canon occasionally(as it cost me over 1000 to repair) but the pain is coming more frequently, for the same reason I hardly play my 12 string anymore, so I will see how it goes, these are the joys of our Golden Years, we just find other ways with our limited resources and be thankful we can be mobile have sight, taste, smell and hearing. We are glad #kneeto is mending well, and hopfefully will be out and about soon. Things are almost at lock-down again here as moment by moment things get worse again, and quite a number of young adults refuse to mask, and even children are infected with this new strain which is being passed on by them. Mmmm Stay warm and safe my friend 🙂

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  3. Hello Ashley, we only see the Yellow-tailed Blacks on some cyclical timing. Not predictable at all. Perhaps they are in larger numbers here because of the fires last year, but that is a guess rather than real evidence. Because of the good rains over summer here, the pines have had a growth spurt and show great new grow and fresh cones.
    I completely understand your arthritis issue (but obviously not the pain) I’ve several bits of kit now that are collecting dust or will only be used when I can work from a vehicle.
    My Nikon PF 500mm is like the 400mm DO from Canon, and is a super lightweight kit.
    The alternative would be the Canon R6 and either the 100-400 or 800mm f/11 which seems to produce the most astounding pictures .
    Now quickly the lockdown in Sydney gained speed. Complacency and burnout take their toll.
    Trust that you and yours remain safe.

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    1. Hi Eleanor, it was a bit like Spring first thing. #kneetoo had a walk halfway round the village this morning. A bit of a milestone. The warm sunshine and generally pleasant weather helped, as did catching up with a few locals along the way for a bit of a natter. Then the weather went feral again!
      I guess we takes what we can when we can.

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