Little Visits from the Couch: A Moment of Connection

Greetings from the Couch.  Snuggled under the Doona looking out the window in afternoon.  I don’t look out in the morning, else I’d have nothing to do in the afternoon.

During one of our forays with the young kites a few weeks back, this young bird was getting more and more anxious about Dad returning with a snack.

The area has a mound of earth, left over from an old bridge removal over the nearby freeway to Geelong.  Several gums have grown in and around the mound and it has made a most pleasing studio in which to work.

The tree in this case grows out of a lower part of the mound and I was standing at the top nearby, which gave me an eyeball view of the bird only a few metres away. It was quite relaxed about my presence and had chosen to fly in for a better view over the paddocks, waiting for its share of the morning’s food.

Then, it all  happened, leaving the branch it landed on nearby leaves and after steadying itself took off. Straight toward me!

It sailed by in full cry just past my shoulder, and the poor old camera/lens af combo gave up after about the third frame, and my old body gave up a second or so later as it rocketed by.

Too much fun.

From the Doona Hermit


Comfortable with a great view of the paddocks
Here I come
All systems go
I always enjoy that heraldic pose. This was getting a little to close
And a bonus of the three together after a meal.

11 thoughts on “Little Visits from the Couch: A Moment of Connection

  1. Awesome action action shots, David! What a thrill this encounter must have been! I hear what you are saying about not looking out the window in the morning, there is a sense of groundhog day as the sun rises each morning! All good, if the numbers remain stable perhaps some freedom will come in around three weeks.

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    1. Thanks David, I really believe we has such an excellent run with this trio, it will be a hard act to follow.
      My how 24 hours changes things. I too was looking yesterday and thinking, OK going in the right direction.
      Zapperooney. Where did all that come from.


      1. Indeed, the numbers today were far from encouraging. Which is a bit discouraging as it looks like we may have to stay in for a bit longer. I hope I am wrong.


  2. What amazing captures David, and how good to capture that moment. Sad you guys are so locked down still, every day as the 2nd wave spreads in Sydney it gets closer to us and more risky to go out shopping, but we still enjoy escaping to the Nasho Park like we did early this morning, after all the rain it was too mushy for most, but we enjoyed being away from it all.

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  3. Wow! A wonderful series of images, and quite amazing to have the bird coming towards you like that. I’m surprised you managed to stay on your feet, let alone take several sharp shots.

    Thanks for sharing the moment with us. Keep safe and well.

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    1. Hi Eleanor, we had such a good run with these birds and they were by this stage almost accepting of our presence. It certainl came hard and fast but I think it just worked its own line. Mind I had seen them come to grief on poles, posts, fences and branches, so they were still learning the skills


  4. How exciting to read about your another close encounter with this amazing bird on this gloomy Tuesday afternoon and how breathtaking (or is it a breath of fresh air on my couch? 😉 to watch the images! I’m so glad I’ve postponed the reading of your blog because it’s a double pleasure on a day like this. I hope I won’t overdose if I go to the next one…
    Thank you, David.

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