Off Topic: It Isn’t Even Playing the Game

One of my early mentors for colour printing, mostly dye-sublimation and ink-jet (giclee for the arty folk) is a great craftsmen and writer, Ctein.

Today he wrote a newsletter that struck a real chord.

Unfortunately I can’t add a link for you to see, as it’s a by subscription only, but here is a couple of quotes and a comment. Drop me an email and I’ll send it on to you.  He is much more vocal and lucid than I.  birdsaspoetry  at icloud dot com.

He likens the current Covid-19 pandemic to a circling raptor and the birds that try to get rid of it from their area to the frenetic attempts to contain the virus.

“For birds, it is not good fences but great distances that make good neighbors. This distance is not great enough…

Sometimes the ravens whirl and loop. There is considerable vocalization. In action and words they say to the hawk, “Look, we are superior in every respect, physically and mentally. You are overshadowed. Take a hike.”

DJ: Locally the Ravens and Magpies go to no end of effort to move on a passing Kite, Eagle or Harrier. I’ve seen ravens fly for 20 minutes or more after a Wedge-tailed Eagle, until it reaches a point high up in the sky, where the raven must flap harder to keep up, and the eagle can just drip its huge sails into the breeze and slips away. Exhausted the raven plummets back to earth.

Ctein, “Finally, the ravens give up — they get frustrated and, worse, bored. They go off to find some more entertaining mischief, and the hawk continues doing what it’s been doing all along.”

The hawk wins every time because it isn’t even playing the game!

Ctein, “I feel like the ravens do. I am tired and I’m bored and I’m frustrated and depressed and, most of all, exhausted by four months of navigating through this Brave New World, of living in Plague Times. God knows I’ve done my part, more than my part. I need a break.”

DJ: Unfortunately, the virus is like a hawk. It doesn’t care what we individually or collectively think or our frustration and our need of a break.

Ctein, “We don’t have the luxury of letting down our guards and relaxing our extraordinarily inconvenient and uncomfortable protections because we are exhausted (and, make no mistake, we ARE exhausted). The hawk just hovers in the updraft, thinking its minimal, hawkish thoughts and waiting for hawkish opportunity.

Stay Safe. Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups. Stay Aware.
The Hawk is circling.

The Doona Hermit


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