Photographic Essay: Three Up

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m just about to save you from reading 6,849 words.

The young kites are well on the wing, and just about able to look after themselves.  Dad is more a mentor than a ready-food source.

While a kite’s life is usually one of isolation, sort of makes sense in the current lockdown pandemic: Note I did not say pandemic lockdown :-), the young kites have spent more of their young lives together in the nest and around, and so are often quite happy to sit together.  They rarely squabble over food, although are prepared to put their case for the next meal quite forcibly.  Fortunately Dad has his rules, and they are followed.

But getting all three together is not a regular occurrence.

So here are a few that I’ve been fortunate to capture, and on this link,  
there are several more variations.


8 thoughts on “Photographic Essay: Three Up

    1. G,day David. As you are aware, they are not often all three together, and I suspect now that the demands to hunt by themselves on the two older ones will change that even more.
      But it is interesting to watch how they are relaxed with one another as if still sitting in the nest.


  1. All amazing captures David, loved the way you lit the photos to get the best effect and give it your artistic touch. Wonderful to get all three together so many times. A great achievement all round !

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    1. Hello Ashley, we have been fortunate that over the past few weeks we’ve had a bit of extra time to spend with them, as we are not travelling to other locations. Means my library has only got Black-shouldered Kites recently, but that is not such a bad thing.

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  2. I’m speechless – what a lovely crowd of 3! I’ve read your short story with pleasure but the images are superb and so engaging I’ll have stop here and return to my visual feast. Thanks!

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    1. We are indeed fortunate to have been able to work with these birds in quite a small area, and without out a lot of difficulties such as too many trees or too much space. So they have been just a bit easier than others we’ve worked with. Will miss them in a couple of weeks I suspect.


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