Saturday Evening Post #88 :Everybody needs One

We all need one, it’s a simple thing.

I know it’s just a play on words, but in light of last week’s procrastination blog, I thought we all needed a Round Tuit.

Here tis.

Here is the poem,

This is a round tuit. Guard it with your life!
Tuits are hard to come by, especially the round ones.
It will help you become a much more efficient worker.
For years you’ve heard people say “I’ll do that when I get a round tuit.”
So now that you have one, you can accomplish all those things you put aside until you got a Round Tuit.

Another of those clever sayings I recall as a young bloke, was,

Be A Lert.  Australia needs more Lerts.

Now you can get it on printed t-shirts.

I had sort of planned to do a couple of photoessay stories during the week, however  some family issues took precedent and EE and I also had to meet David Nice down at the Black-shouldered Kites.

So, the day simply filled out with things, a lert or tuit not withstanding.

I managed to find one of the young sitting under the tree canopy, but occasionally as the breeze blew a small shaft of light would cross over the bird’s body. The rest required I find the suitable background and wait for the bird, and the sunlight to align.

When you are a young Black-shouldered Kite, and waiting your turn for the next free handout, the wait can be quite a long time. I quickly grew tired of pointing the lens at the bird, and it wasn’t moving, and the sunlight still hadn’t moved sufficiently to break through the canopy.

Then in one of those universe moments I often refer to, the bird, the light and the photographer were all on tracks that intersected, and the job was done.

I’ve been reading of late, a book on Life Magazine—and will comment more when I’ve had a more thorough look, but I wanted to make this image in the style of Life.
So a trip into my favourite Black and White converter, Nik Silver EfexPro 2, opened up all sorts of possibilities.

I’m not a great fan of post production work, but have to say that I throw all that advice out the window in Silver EP.   So I spent a few minutes looking for the dark moody Life motif.  Then I added a touch of Selenium (always my favoured toner), to give the dark areas some depth.

Job done.

As a bonus, I’m including a link to my Lightroom Web page where there are a few shots from earlier in the day when one of the young was in a problem solving mode. Hope you find it interesting.

Use this link, Problem Solving
Oh, and I’ve added the original colour and then the mono version of this image as well.

If you double click on the thumbnails, it should open up as a slide show with some text explanation of what’s going on.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #88 :Everybody needs One

  1. Enough procrastinating – I’ll get a round tuit right now. Commenting, that is …

    Not on the images – stunning as always – but on the co-incidence. We had a couple of days in Bendigo this week – needed to go somewhere other than home – and visited the pottery. And there, in the showroom, for sale were their version of the round tuits, complete with all the text you quote. I’ve never seen them before, although I certainly know the expression. Life is interesting!


    1. G’day, co-incidence indeed.
      Between sorting and preservation, and procrastination,I’ve had about four or five similar things happen. Not sure why I decided on the tuit for tonight. The universe sometimes plays its own little games to keep us a Lert.


  2. We all need a tuit! I used to have one but, failing to be a Lert, I lost it!
    A superb image, the mono presentation is stunning. Great images over on LR too!


  3. This monochrome image is so beautiful. I enjoyed the Lightroom shots as well, but your decision to go to B&W gives real drama to the portrait.

    And thanks for the Rout Tuit. You never know when it might come in handy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved the tuition on the round tuit, is very clever but true.It appears to be a Biblical principle to be a Lert, especially when protecting oneself from the devil and his wiles.(1 Peter 5:8). Gorgeous captures David, especially the open wings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ashley, funny things that carry real messages are always a pleasure to share.
      I used to work with a theatre production group that has “Paranoia is a Virtue” as their motto.
      Gotta say, that I really like your new look logo.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks David, I thought it time to give my website a more human and personal look, The Red-tailed Tropicbird continues to serve me well as a website logo, though many people think it is some form of seagull.:-)


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