Little Visits: Cassia’s Secrets are Out!

For the best part of three months, Cassia—of Cinnamon, and her mate have been working on their annual nesting project.

Best I can determine, she took just over a month for incubation, and then another 30-35 days for the young to start to move about the nest and branches and then a few more days to fly.  We checked on Friday, and they were clambering about, then on Monday, the secrets are out.

How confident is this bird. She was relaxed enough to do close flybys without aggression.
Still in baby down, but wanting to see the wide world
Starting to get a few real feathers
Just starting to see the Apricot wash coming on
That famous Brown Falcon stare starts early
And then there were two.
I’ve no way of knowing, but based on previous experiences, I would predict the older, larger is a female.
Out and about. Probably second day on the wing
Now let’s see if I remember. Tail up, head down, wings out and…
Tail up, head down, wings out, …
Oh, yes, Tail down, head up, wings up, Let Go.!


OK you go me our here, how do I stop this thing.
Landing skills need a bit more practice
Study in concentration as it goes through the landing routine.

15 thoughts on “Little Visits: Cassia’s Secrets are Out!

    1. Hi Rodger, all good, the nest is superbly placed, probably old Black or Whistling Kite by the size, and it pretty much offers weather protection on all sides. Probably the best part was we eventually were accepted by Cassia, else it would have been impossible if she had been aggressive.


  1. Absolutely marvellous, David – the photos and your comments and the fact that you’ve been privileged to document all these moments in the life of Cassia’s family. Hats off!

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    1. Hi Adam,
      its hard to put into a few words and pictures the time we’ve spent with Cassia and her young. Not all Brown Falcnons have been this kind to us. But she seemed most tolerant, and in the end carried on regardless of our presence.
      The young are now well and truly on the wing, and just need to sharpen up some hunting skills, and they’ll be independant early in the new year.
      Then we’ll have to find another project. 🙂
      Thanks for your support this year and Best wishes for a great 2002


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