Saturday Evening Post #62 : Thanks for a Great Year

When you drink Water
You remember its Source
Deng Ming-Dao

He goes on to say; ” Every ordinary moment, every little detail should be a celebration of your personal understanding. Your smallest act should be treated with reverence. And you acknowledge the precious quality of everyday things. And you maintain a gratitude for both the good and the bad things in your life.”

A family friend received a ‘Write it yourself personal history’ book. We were talking about it today over coffee, and she explained it has lots of insightful questions to act as thought starters. Now I’m not going to do the details here, but it dawned on me that one of the deep insightful ponderings that didn’t seem to be included was “The celebration of the great events” that had occurred. So we spent quite a bit of time discussing, several monumental bad things in her journeys, until I pulled it up and asked about the good things.
I follow a blog by Dewitt Jones, (a former Nat Geo photographer among other things called, ‘Let’s Celebrate what’s right”.
Always simple images, always the everyday things, the things that sometimes in our rush, we overlook. I once wrote on this blog about the photographer who rushed past because he was looking for ‘his moment’, and had missed the important visuals happening where we stood. 🙂

So here we are at the end of an era, about to meet a new decade.
Normally the blog discusses some of the musing of where my photography has been, and where it should, or might be going.
But this year, lucky reader that you are!  Not so.
Rather as Ming-Dao points out, tis time to remember the Source.

The sheer ability of the pleasure of being able to go, find some birds and enjoy parts of their complex, hard to understand, and almost impossible to photograph fully, lives.
We’ve shared some time with Wrens, Woodswallows, Waterbirds, and a mix of raptors. Some we’ve seen from conception to flight, some have amused us as Lorikeets, and some have worked their ways into our hearts, like my Tai Chi Pigeon. (A Spotted Dove actually), and currently she is sitting in a tree in the frontyard on her precious little nest of twigs, with one lovely big egg for her to look after.

So a big “Thank You” to all who have taken the time to follow the blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have in each stage that has been documented.
I appreciate all those who’ve not only read, but taken the time to drop a comment or two.   Just a few words makes returning to the keyboard regularly like taking a wonderful rich drink of water. And I need to remember the Source.  Thanks again.

To those that follow on Flickr, well done. Appreciate the time, the comments, the views, and of course your own wonderful photography, that inspires, and enthralls me every time I log on.

Big shout out to all who’ve been in the bush with us this year, or who have dropped a note say, “have you seen…”. It’s great to see friendly faces along the track

And to Mr An Onymous for putting up with my bad jokes, and lack of appreciation of how bold his insight into the world really is.
And Thanks to EE. She, who, not only shares time in the bush, but shares her special skills at recognition and has the patience to put up with my wanderings.

Now to follow the Source into 2020

And a big “THANK YOU” to Cassia- of Cinnamon, for allowing us to share a very important couple of months of her life.