Blogging 101 Week 2 Day 2

Dah dah,  An easy one today.  Add a Header Image.

So I’ve chosen a new header image, and it will be static for a few days, then I’ll add it back into the random set.

Falcon at the Harris Gate

A mentor of mine John Harris by name, well he was both a mentor, torMentor, inspirational creative, and all round great bloke, came down to the Treatment Plant with me one day.  We drove around and he was more impressed by a gateway than perhaps anything else. “Always look at the details, look at the obvious as there is always a highlight there somewhere, that others aren’t seeing.  That is the diamond.  Look for it always.”  to somewhat paraphrase a long lecture.

On the way home he discussed a Gateway he’d seen and wanted at some stage to make another trip down in late evening light to photograph it, in his inimitable manner.

But, life didn’t play him that card, and he passed on to finer scenery not long afterward.  In his honour, I’ve searched out that gate and named it the “Harris Gate”.

The other night on the way back home we passed the Harris Gate and lo and behold a Brown Falcon was enjoying both the gate, and the evening sunshine.

So John, it might not be the series that you saw in your minds eye, but old mate, here is the best I could do.

Define 2 output.
Brown Flacon Sitting Pretty on Harris Gate
Typical Brown Falcon Exit. Low ground hugging and fast
The Absolute Master of the bush top Flying


Another Master at Work. John Harris at WTP. The handkerchief is to remove nasty lens flare from backlighting. “It’s all in the details, look closer, that is where the story is. It’s all in there” OnyaJohn

8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Week 2 Day 2

    1. Thanks Christine, I’ve so many John stories, it would take many blogs to cover them.
      Still at the end, his vision, his dedication and his ability to teach at a inspirational level are among the highlights.


    1. G,day Rodger. I think we left the area on the way home as the sun had dropped behind some cloud on the horizon, then just as we got to the river, it broke through in time to drench the scenery and highlight this bird and its mate.


  1. I love photographing the Brown Falcon, it has given me some of my best and most beautiful shots. It is always exciting to get a shot at one, and gat its wing patterning, thanks for sharing:-)


    1. Hello,
      I love working with Browns. They were the first real raptor that I was able to photograph. A gracious pair at Woodlands Historic Park were happy to put up with my inept bumbling and stumbling about. However at nesting times she did give me quite a piece of her mind, and several really close passes with intent.
      They are the bird of my childhood, often used to see them on the posts along the country roads. Us kids used to play “Spot the Falcon”- only we called them Hawks in those blissful days.

      I’m fortunate as we have at “The Office” a resident pair and they have also been good to work with.

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