Birds as Poetry in “Wildlife Australia” magazine

Don’t often get to bragging, but in this case.

Way down in the bowels of Flickr, back about March 2011, is a photo of a Brown Falcon on a Fence.  It’s a shot that has always been in my Signature Series“.  It was made on my very first ever trip down to the Western Treatment Plant, and I found it just as I was leaving, with the late afternoon sunshine gracing the bird.  It stood its ground on me and I just waited. So did the bird.  Eventually a small breeze blew past, and the bird took to wing. It threw straight into the sunshine, and I only got the one shot.

Its been up on Flickr for quite a long time, and I received an email from one of the editors of Wildlife Magazine, a few months back looking for images for an article on Brown Falcons.   So they published it in the latest Edition of the magazine, Winter 2014, vol 51, No. 2  supporting an article by Dr Penny Olsen.  The article is titled Snake Charmer The Brown Falcon.  My mate Paul Randall of wingsonwire, (see the sidebar for the address) also had a featured shot of a Brownie with a snake for a meal.

And in the same magazine, a lovely shot of a Dingo by Andrew Alderson also a Flickr mate.  Here’s his Flickr address.

You can find info on Dr Olsen here.

Find details of Wildlife Australia magazine here.  Website




And here’s the shot.


DSC_0909 - Version 2 (1)




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