A great day out at Woodlands

When I first peaked out the window, the day looked decidedly overcast. Pity, ’cause I’d wanted to get out early in the morning to see the Tawny Frogmouth chicks, and to get a few frames of the ever expanding Brown Goshawk family.

Once the sun had risen it looked like it might burn off the clouds, and that was all I needed to load the car, and depart.

I love the bush in the early morning, and I love the way the light plays through the trees so already I was happy. But, when I got to the park, NO frogmouths.  Not even a feather!  They had flown that morning it seems.  Try as I might I couldn’t find them among the several trees in the area.  So down to the Goshawk Nursery.

Its a difficult sighted nest for a photographer. No matter where you stand there is always  a few small leaves and twigs or great big trees in the way. Clever Goshawk. I found a reasonable spot, set up the camera and then taking the radio remote, I moved back along the track.  Just got settled when Neil A turned up and setup as well.  So we had a bit of a discussion on birds, photography and lighting and other cool photo stuff. Neil has been monitoring them almost from get go, so he knew when things would happen, and right on cue at about 10 am, the four young birds emerged, stretched, preened and enjoyed the sunshine.  Mum was somewhere near as she kept up a constant call.

Andrew had been to the park that morning, saw the Tawnies and called Andrienne to go and have a look, so she turned up too.

In the middle of all that, I heard a call from a red-capped robin. Yes, a red-capped robin. So off I went to investigate, and lo and behold, up popped Lockie. He was busy feeding someone, but didn’t stop to chat, nor did he give away the nest location, but further discussion with him shall follow.

We were packing up to get home in time for our various duties when along the track came Ray.  Now he and I haven’t seen one-another for quite a few months, so we had another great discussion on the state of the birds in Woodlands and birds in general. What a great morning. He then let me in on the secret location of the Frogmouths, so, back to look, and sure enough the one tree I had ignored, out in the sunshine all four. Mum, Dad, and the two little’uns.  They gave us a brief introduction to their flying and branch hopping skills.

So all in all a good morning some great conversation and some super bird activity. Needless to say I was pretty late home and had to postpone a couple of other activities until tomorrow. Sad ah?

I’m breaking in a D2x at the moment, old technology, but really a pleasure to use. Fast on focus and super fast on speed.  But like all this stuff the buttons and dials are just not where they were on the other kit.  But hey, its all learning.

Lining up for a turn at wing flapping. The feathers are just starting to develop.
Another family portrait. The movement of the young’uns eventually caused Mum and Dad to move to another branch.


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