Scarlet Robin all growed up

Had a pleasant morning in the forest today, plenty of sunshine and not too hot.

The Scarlet and his friend the Redcapped Robin are still in the forest.  He is very active and covers such a lot of territory.  She doesn’t have the same power, and is quite content to rest on a tree, preen and hunt.  He comes back and flies circles around her, and occassionaly she will fly off with him. This morning he made a sweep across the paddock and called from about 500 metres away, but she chose not to follow, after about 5 minutes, he came back directly across the field and landed on a branch above her and there was a few “tick” calls, and he tried again. She looked like she was counting feathers.  6345 to clean and counting. He returned and they hunted on the ground for awhile.

I am not sure what will happen when they discover they are different types of birds.

Scarlet Robin in the morning sunshine

I have set up another blog for Scarlet Robins, you might like to check here.

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