Scarlet Robin still in residence

Scarlet Robin at Woodlands, moulting into a dapper bird.
Scarlet Robin at Woodlands, moulting into a dapper bird.


First time back at Woodlands since the long Goschen trip.

Within a few minutes I had heard a familiar chirrup of the Scarlet Robin and went to investigate.  I saw it in the distance, and it continued to come closer landing in a tree across the track from where I was.  It is a male for sure. Has a lovely black head, really strong red colour, and that wonderful white spot above its beak.
It has grown quite bold as the week has gone by, and now patrols quite an extensive territory inside the Back Paddock fenced of area.
It does not seem to have a mate, but it is still in attendance with a female Recapped Robin. It is also moulting through and looks a bit of a sight at the moment. They sit together, hunt together and move about together, although it has to be said that the poor little redcaps wings whir quite  bit trying to keep up with the speedy Scarlet.  But they ‘tick’ call at one another.

Also saw today; three black swamp wallabies, so they have managed to get inside the fence in the new area. They seemed very relaxed. So that is good.

Male Scarlet Robin taking time for a good scratch