Spot the odd one out

We found a Spotted Harrier at the Treatment plant yesterday pm.

It was hunting along a fence line and in the light breeze seemed even more casual.  My bird reference book calls it flight “languid” and I think that is stretching it.

It seems to have the ability to turn on a blink of an eye and to be able to fold up the wings and then sway its legs down all in one movement which is hard to describe, but seems so effective in putting it on the spot it’s looking for.

I’ve put a few other pictures here on a page.

The local vigilante committee of  Willie Wagtails made it easy to locate the bird everytime it went to ground. Relentless little pursers that they are.

Spotted Harrier and friends
Spotted Harrier and friends.

Also found a couple Spotted Crakes in one of the water channels down near gate #2.  Would have been able to improve the shots as they didn’t seem to be fussed by us sitting but the arrival of a 4WD and slamming of doors sent them both packing back into the grass on the edge.

Here’s a pic

Dorothy also found 4 more off in the distance on a shallow pond in the same area, but too far to photograph.

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