You Yangs Interlude: Some Days are Diamonds

Been a bit frantic with a number of projects the past week or so, and have a bit more to add to Studio Werkz.
EE suggested a bit of a break from serious bird photography, and an early morning at the You Yangs Park sounded about right.

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Dad and the kids

With the Bandicoot Big Brother House still locked to lesser beings, we’ve had to travel a bit further for a place to settle down, but today, in the cold and wind and rain, I decided on a whim, (don’t you love that word – translated,  I was going to to it anyway!!!!), that if I shopped at Greenvale, I could mosey on over and have a look at Providence Road carpark.  So.  I did.

The Tawny Frogmouth seems to be holding his own, and has by my count two little balls of fluff. Actually that are quite big balls of fluff, but she tucked one under each wing and settled down to keep them warm.  Unlike the other day in the heat when he was sitting back, and letting them cool down a bit.

Also found Will o’Scarlet, quite vocal, and two beautiful Rufous Whistlers who were feeding on some low branches in the small scrub, but much to dark to get any decent pics.

Dads and the kids. Tawny Frogmouth overlooking two very dependant young. He does look the part of the concerned parent. Unusual to see the in a pose other than looking like a tree branch

This image has just a small amount of fill flash, -1 1/3rd below normal.  It just picks up a little shadow detail without looking over done.  Haven’t used flash on birds for  a long time as the light has been soft enough anyway.

But the experiment was useful as I got some with and without examples to use in class, so that’s a bonus.

For all the overcast weather, the bush is starting to show a lot of drying out already.  Hope the Bandicoots like it.

Rufous Whistler

This dapper looking chap is a male Rufous Whistler.

There are quite a number of pairs of birds in the Woodlands area this year.  Their piercing cry reverberates all around the park. Most times they are quite furtive, but this fellow let me follow him about until he got into an open area so the light was fine and I could get a clear shot.

Rufous Whistler
Rufous Whistler Male