You Yangs Interlude: Some Days are Diamonds

Been a bit frantic with a number of projects the past week or so, and have a bit more to add to Studio Werkz.
EE suggested a bit of a break from serious bird photography, and an early morning at the You Yangs Park sounded about right.

The light in the early morning was a little bit mottled with a light cloud cover and really for birds in the bush this is a good light to have.
We settled in near the old Duck Ponds School area and it just went on from there.

Magpies on the silly beatles all night seemed to be in need of a hangover cure.

Young Rufous Whistler at play with a feather.

Crested Shrike-tit.  We found quite a number of these throughout the morning. They have obviously had a very productive season

Another bird that seems to have been successful.  Restless Flycatcher.

Always a favourite to find, and yet sometimes they seem to almost tangle themselves in the foliage.  Brown-headed Honeyeater

A very elusive Red-capped Robin.  I’ve featured him here in a previous blog, but today a quick grab shot was all he was staying for.

I think this Scarlet Robin and the Red-capped were in disagreement over territory.  The Scarlet being a much bigger bird had the height advantage.

Calling to its mate as they went through some tea-tree scrub.  Now I know where to look, perhaps we can develop a bit of a relationship.

And sometimes just being there is its own advantage.  While looking for the elusive Robin, I heard the most beautiful warble running through the forest.   Speckled Warbler I declared and as EE turned to see what I was on about, this bird made a brief appearance in the sunshine.    Great day to be out, and have a break from serious bird photography.


4 thoughts on “You Yangs Interlude: Some Days are Diamonds

  1. Great Speckled Warbler pics David, that and the Red Capped I must get down there one day to see. Not much birding here at the moment with continuous rain for the last week and will continue next week. The non migratory waders are doing well in the many lakes forming on paddocks. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Hi AB, This is one elusive Red-cap. We practically fell over it. The forest is very quiet in places, and yet in others there is quite the activity. Hopefully settled down as the last of the juveniles is sorted out.


  3. What do you mean – “a break from serious bird photography”? For me, these LBJs are always in the seriously hard basket – perhaps only surpassed by Swallows in flight! Great shots!


    1. G,day Rob,
      Glad you dropped by. Yeah, serious is all that tripod, long lens, heavy duty stuff, which my old body is beginning to reject 🙂
      This is light lens/camera, walk about stuff, 5 minutes back to the car for a cuppa.
      That we sprung the Red-capped Robin is a bit more than crystal ball gazing, or crossing fingers and reciting “Cottlestone Pie”.
      The Speckled Warbler is always a most pleasing interlude. I really wish I could have such a chance out at Eynesbury.


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