Swamp Harriers at Play

Mostly we think of Swamp Harriers as pretty serious birds, going about their serious business and always on the look out for the next meal.
So we were a bit taken back to find a couple of Swamp Harriers, engaged, in what can only be described as games.

It’s often seen among the Whistling Kites and Black-shouldered Kites, but Swamp Harriers seem to be very much the solo bird.
These two took it seemed great delight in working the air, and making passes at one another.  They remained at it for at least 10 minutes, and stayed around the river edges, so we were able to follow them along for much of the time.  In the end, both swept away, to see what they could find among the ducks now congregating along the ponds.

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Venturing into the ‘Hood’. Hooded Robin that is

Had a trip up to the family acres.
No trip that far and yet so close to Goschen can be let go without a side journey down to this great little area.

Goschen Roadside Reserve has gained among the birding fraternity something of a ‘honeypot’ status. And it seems with good reason.
Isolated as it is from the wetlands down the road at Lake Boga and surrounded by wheat paddocks on every side, the little handkerchief of land wedged next to a road junction, provides both a home and a welcome stop over for many species.
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Sneaking up on a Swamp Harrier

I jest about writing a book on getting some good photos of these most fascinating and elusive creatures.

They have absolutely no tolerance for humans.   And I beleive they have the area mapped and anything that wasn’t there on the last pass, is either a food opporunity or danger to be avoided.

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