Swamp Harriers at Play

Mostly we think of Swamp Harriers as pretty serious birds, going about their serious business and always on the look out for the next meal.
So we were a bit taken back to find a couple of Swamp Harriers, engaged, in what can only be described as games.

It’s often seen among the Whistling Kites and Black-shouldered Kites, but Swamp Harriers seem to be very much the solo bird.
These two took it seemed great delight in working the air, and making passes at one another.  They remained at it for at least 10 minutes, and stayed around the river edges, so we were able to follow them along for much of the time.  In the end, both swept away, to see what they could find among the ducks now congregating along the ponds.

See photos on the next page.

1702-16_dwj_2609 1702-16_dwj_2610 1702-16_dwj_2620 1702-16_dwj_2632 1702-16_dwj_2634 1702-16_dwj_2630

3 thoughts on “Swamp Harriers at Play

  1. Great photos David. I enjoy your blog a lot.
    I have been observing identical behaviour of these beautiful birds in Braeside. There are two pairs and they were very playful in Spring. I was hoping for some young ones to appear, especially after spotting one bird carrying branches to the middle of the wetland but no luck so far.
    All the best,


  2. Wonderful shots David, what a treat to catch them playing. Do you think they may be having a mating dance, as they look like male and female? Though they may just be playing, but they are serious birds I agree, even to allow you to photograph them, they must have been preoccupied with their game.


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