Venturing into the ‘Hood’. Hooded Robin that is

Had a trip up to the family acres.
No trip that far and yet so close to Goschen can be let go without a side journey down to this great little area.

Goschen Roadside Reserve has gained among the birding fraternity something of a ‘honeypot’ status. And it seems with good reason.
Isolated as it is from the wetlands down the road at Lake Boga and surrounded by wheat paddocks on every side, the little handkerchief of land wedged next to a road junction, provides both a home and a welcome stop over for many species.

Hooded Robins are among the residents, and it’s not often that we won’t find several families, but one pair in particular have claimed the area around the—now dilapidated—tennis court as their home.

The weather was hot.  42C on one day, so EE and I loaded up the car early in the pre-dawn, with cameras and Earl Grey and set out for a cooler sunrise start.

3 thoughts on “Venturing into the ‘Hood’. Hooded Robin that is

  1. Wonderful captures David! How good to get the whole family. We have been after the Hooded Robin for years. I only have two not so great photos from Capertee, we will have to head out that way one day.An early start is the only wise way to beat the heat, well done. I could imagine getting extremely hot in that inland region.


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