From the Fieldnotes Book: Ministry of Silly… Or The Greatest Show on Earth.

John Cleese and the Monty Python’s Flying Circus, has a wonderful skit titled: “The Ministry of Silly Walks”, and like most things Python, the humour is in the close representation of real life activities.
As an aside, in our house as I grew up, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, was baned from viewing. My Dad took a dislike to the little fillers between skits by Terry Gilliam’s animations. Perhaps it was the use of things Royal, or the Flag, or just the suggestive innuendos. A surprise really as things relating to British aristocracy were never given much creedeance. A year or so later I moved out anyway, such is life.

We were walking the Lake at Ballarat in the rich glow of the evening light and the Little Corellas were putting on their usual evening entertainment show. The antics of the birds upside down, side-ways and all bent out of shape in the trees reminded me of The Ministry of Silly Walks.

I saw reference to an article the other day that some research has been done, and was continuing into the “Emotion” of creatures. A controversial subject it seems. At one stage it was postulated that human babies did not experience pain in the same way as adults and some surgery was performed without aesthetics. (Here is a link to an ABC artricle

My only understanding is based on purely anecdotal evidence, (good enough for Darwin apparently), but between various dogs, cats and birds that we’ve shared lives with over the years, I would be on the side of the postitives. Sometimes I feel it would be good for the professional resercher to get out of the pristine tiled-wall laboratory and mingle in the dust with the real world.

So as I watched these reckless birds at work or play, or ?? I did draw the distinct conclusion, that not only were they enjoying themselves in their frentic activities, but there was a genuine feeling of delight in the antics. “Ha, think that is good. Here look at this! ”

Either way it was like having a ticket to the circus. Barnum would have been proud.

5 thoughts on “From the Fieldnotes Book: Ministry of Silly… Or The Greatest Show on Earth.

  1. They really do put on a great show! Very entertaining!
    A splendid series of images, thank you for letting us see the show.
    And yes, I do believe they are enjoying themselves! And why not!

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  2. Likewise I love watching the playful antics of these guys David, and have seen play followed by mating even afterward, which makes me think they may not just be having playful fun, and increasing their skills, but also impressing their mate to be. Lovely action shots David, we saw massive flocks out west, and were told by a when in Armidale, they thought their very large resident flock is killing trees. MRI evidence shows that babies experience pain in a similar way to adults and even have a lower pain threshold, which is quite observable having been a dad. The previous theoriasation that they did not experience pain in the same way because they had nothing to compare the stimulus is quite absurd, and I can confirm from a medical perspective when a baby is circumcised it cries loudly, sometimes even for days after affecting its feeding and sleeping. Enjoy your week my friend, as we plunge into another waterfest/deluge for the third time in a month, it just rains and rains…

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    1. Thanks Ashley, appreciate the insight on the babies and pain. It makes me wonder how many other things that are hypotehses are also wrong. Science, it seems is as flawed at some levels as ordinary folk.

      Corellas are a bird of my youth, and yes, I can confirm that huge flocks of several hunderd birds will indeed eventually do serious damage to a tree or trees. They seem to be able to pick their mark and they can ravage in no time.
      We have photos of them removing roof screws from the galv panneling on a roof. They have somehow learned to grasp the screw head and turn it.

      hope the rain has not done too much damage to you and yours. It is as my Mum used to say, “if its not one thing, then its another.”

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