Little Journeys: Three to Go

The weather has to coin a phrase, has been less than kind of late.  Cold, windy, rain, overcast and just plain miserable and stay-at-home-able.

It is nearly Summer, but here we are with the heaters turned on and thick clothes, shivering in the cold.

We had decided to go to the River and have another look for the elusive Sacred Kingfishers.   It has become a task that rivals the search for Tutankhamen’s Tomb.

As we travelled to make yet another morning attempt, we decided at the last moment to abandon the project for the day, and instead travel on to see how Cassia, of Cinnamon’s young were doing.

At first sight of the nest we could only see one little rich ginger brown head bobbing about.  Then, looking further over the tree, right at the very top stood the other two young.  Looking very confident, and balancing precariously on the top most fronds of the pine tree.  No mean feat for a well developed bird I would have thought.

While we were there we managed to see two food exchanges and a number of wing-flap trails by the young birds.  No doubt they will be on the wing in the next few days.

Here is a small selection from the morning


A food exchange as Cassia slips aside to prepare the meal
The male moves on for a quick rest before heading out again
All prepared and now to deliver to hungry mouths.
Is there any for me!
Rested and ready to hunt again, the male heads out. He is a much lighter marked bird.
Just a little too cheeky.
Cassia had found the nest of either a Wattlebird or perhaps even a Magpie. But she was hunted off very quickly by the local Neighbourhood Watch.
While they wait for the next round of food, there is plenty of time for some wing exercises.
I found this series interesting as it shows the ‘rowing’ action that is typical of Brown Falcon flight. No doubt by our next visit they will be on the move.


6 thoughts on “Little Journeys: Three to Go

  1. Wonderful view this great series, David! Terrific to see the young almost ready to take to the air.
    Yes, the weather has been an issue. The days I could have gone out it has been grey/wet/bitterly cold …
    The days when I can’t get out have been much better! C’est la vie!

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    1. Yep, can’t remember a season like this in more than 10years. Still last year doesn’t count does it as we were in and out of moving around.

      The weather maps don’t give me much confidence for next week either.


  2. Beautiful captures David, you certainly are learning much from these birds in their behaviours, which must be very rewarding as you have become so well acquainted with them. Love the Magpie defense, nothing ever gets past them when they are nesting.

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    1. Hi Ashley, they are just a bit too far away for us to regularly visit without cutting out a whole half day, so we only drop by irregularly. But they are well on the way. I’ve found if we visit the young every day or so, they quickly adapt to our presence and things go much easier, being the occasional tourist is not enough.
      I was surprised by her attempt to raid the nest, it is not far from her own nesting site and she must have been watching for it ‘be ready’. But by the time she had landed on the nest, the magpies were on to her and it was all over. I think she looks a bit miffed.

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    1. Thanks Eleanor, we were a bit lucky as we had planned the morning for the great Kingfisher Expotition, and it was only on a whim that we went the little extra.
      They certainly look in good condition and no doubt a couple of days will see them flying

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