Saturday Evening Post #135: Confiding Jacky Winter

Medical Update: #2
#kneetoo is home from hospital and beginning to move about on crutches.  No big walks yet, but is keeping balance and doing the physio exercises.  Still a fair bit of pain as the body is not yet quite ready to accept that it has an invader, and the immune system is punching out plenty of antibodies, so the area is still very swelled.  Hopefully all being well, things will improve.
Thanks to all who have passed on their best wishes and kind thoughts.

One of the last walks we did on the old knee was in the Eynesbury Grey Box forest.   Every time we do a trip out there, we spend a bit of time on a forest edge track as it can be a likely spot of Jacky Winter. I wrote about the last trip in a bit more details here. # 131 Laughter

There is something special about Jacky. It is certainly not the most colourfully marked bird in the forest, but its colour scheme harmonises with the grey box surround and makes it hard for predators to spot.
When they are hunting, they have a habit of tail spreading to reveal the white edges of the tail feathers and then landing on a branch and ‘tail wagging’ much like a Willie Wagtail.

Often out of breeding season they hunt together and having found one, a second one will be close by.
We eventually found a pair hunting along a sunlit track. Getting ahead of them, and sitting or standing still, allows them to come into the area at their own pace and relaxed and usually they are quite fearless in their approaches.

This pair seemed happy hunt from one branch to a small shrub across the road and quickly got into a stride of landing and flying between the two spots.  As they were quite close it wasn’t too long before they were brave enough to land within arms reach.  The sunlight through the trees gave plenty of opportunities to choose great backgrounds.

Jacky seemed to enjoy the attention.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #135: Confiding Jacky Winter

  1. So glad to read that #kneetoo is on the mend, it must be very uncomfortable for her and painful to move. We will keep her in our prayers David. You always do well to see the Jackie, especially in Winter, being a western bird we never see here. We did enjoy seeing them on our road trip earlier in the year sitting on their tiny nest. Yes the Jackie would blend well into the forest and their tail spread is quite diagnostic when identifying them for us. Enjoy your weekend, we had the most perfect Autumn day today ever and made it a birding date,

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    1. Hi Ashley,
      The Enynesbury Grey Box forest Jacky Winters are permanent residents. There are not a large number, but they seem to be fairly successful each year breeding. The young ones must move on to other areas along the river or perhaps further afield. Several pairs are territorial and usually found in 500m or so of a location. I think the locus moves each season with the food and nesting requirements. The pity is we are only able to visit a few times a year most times. Missed the entire season last year.
      Else, all good, and the weather is fine here and #kneetoo has been soaking up her D vitamins.

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  2. Such a beautiful image! They are lovely birds to spend some time with! And Eynesbury is a great place to see them.
    Glad that all is going well for #kneetoo, today the hallway next week the world (well sort of)

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    1. G’day, there are some birds that I would be happy to work with on a much more regular basis and Jacky is one such subject. Not the graceful elegance of Kites or Falcons, or the brilliant colours of others, but has a quite charming nature that is so endearing.
      All going well on the knee front, just have to take the time


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