There is always another person to share the music with.

Ok, I agree, this has little to do with birds or the like.
But over on The Online Photographer, Mike Johnson brought this to my attention.
Its over a year old, but the philosophy behind the production is even more relevant to the challenges we presently face.

Having loved the song for ever, it was quite moving to see and hear the world-wide montage of various artists all bringing their special feel to the song.
By the way, it also changed my mind about how good a artist Ringo Starr really is.

And as a added bonus, Bob Marley’s house makes a cameo appearance toward the end.

Also in case you missed it. Robbie Robertson wrote the song.



For bonus points, have a search for the Making of The Weight.

Making the Weight Part 1

Making The Weight Part 2

Hope it puts a humm in your day.

Thanks to Playing for Change for bringing it all together.






13 thoughts on “There is always another person to share the music with.

    1. Hi Eleanor, thanks for the note. The headline is a quote from the sound engineer, talking about the way the music works with the visuals. I guess I was mostly taken back by the ‘concept’ of the piece, being able to bring in people from around the world, and including places like Tibet.
      I’m really looking for stuff to bring a smile at the moment.

      Hope all is well,

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  1. One of my favourites from “The Band” but what a marvellous version, A great start to Easter. Will try to find and download on Spotify, also the songs from those albums Stage Fright and The Band ‘Daniel and the Sacred Harp’ ‘Up on Cripple Creek’ A rummage through the vinyl, found them. Thanks Dave

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    1. G,day, Thanks for the cover notes 🙂
      I must admit I hadn’t realised the Robbie wrote “The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down”.
      I’d always associated it with Joan Baez from seeing the movie of Woodstock in late 1970

      What I like about the Makings sessions is the insight into the creative process. So much happening that the transcends the music.
      I think I’m in love with the lady playing the Mandolin or Ukulele (?), Taimane, for Hawaii.
      Gotta look up her work.



  2. Absolutely loved it David ! My wife and I watched it several times as well as the two docos on its making. Funny enough I had just set up in the lounge room my gear to do some playing yesterday, and blues is my fav. We did a lot of blues in my very first band when I was in high school and played in dances. So I just started mucking about again while I have the time. Thanks for sharing it David, it brightened up a cold and wet afternoon.

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    1. That’s the spirit Ashley, I was sort of all teary about it, not so much the music, but the brilliant production, they also do a fair job of ” Lean on me”.
      Glad to hear you’ve got another ‘string to your bow’.
      I think one of the most endearing things I took from the clip was each of the musicians, totally passionate involvement in the moment. As I said, I have a completely new and special feel about Ringo’s abilities.
      No time to relent, we have quite a bit to endure yet I feel.
      Trust your Easter celebrations bring you both joy and awe



  3. Hey David, you’ve made my evening! I’ve carried The Basement Tapes LP through half of the world and I’m going to throw it on my turntable again. And yes, Ringo is a fine drummer and a good artist after all 😉

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    1. Hello Adam, it is a hoot isn’t it. I really love the production and enjoyed the insights featuring each of the performers.
      I long ago parted with my Dylan collection. But the first I had was an EP with “Mr Tambourine Man”, and if I’m still lucid it had “Sub-terranean Homesick Blues on the flip. Try as I might as a teenager, I never understood what it was about. 🙂

      Good luck with your musical interlude, hope it brings a smile and some great recollections.



  4. Fascinating to see it come together like this! Kinda like the church service we put together this morning which included twelve vocalists and a four piece combo – each singing/playing from their own homes!
    I love a bit of blues! This is great!

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    1. Ha! I was pretty sure with your background, you’d like it, even if not the music style, but there you go, another blues hero.
      I think the changes for meeting groups going on, will mean lots of people will be able to enjoy at home without the need for travel to a function, (service), be interesting to see how the ministry group deals with the new world order. I am sure if I was still running events, I would right now be working on ways to not only encompass the changes, but to leapfrog to new ways of presenting the moment. But as it is, I am having trouble figuring out what to do when I get out of bed. 🙂


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