There is always another person to share the music with.

Ok, I agree, this has little to do with birds or the like.
But over on The Online Photographer, Mike Johnson brought this to my attention.
Its over a year old, but the philosophy behind the production is even more relevant to the challenges we presently face.

Having loved the song for ever, it was quite moving to see and hear the world-wide montage of various artists all bringing their special feel to the song.
By the way, it also changed my mind about how good a artist Ringo Starr really is.

And as a added bonus, Bob Marley’s house makes a cameo appearance toward the end.

Also in case you missed it. Robbie Robertson wrote the song.



For bonus points, have a search for the Making of The Weight.

Making the Weight Part 1

Making The Weight Part 2

Hope it puts a humm in your day.

Thanks to Playing for Change for bringing it all together.