Home Improvements

One of the more visited areas at the Western Treatment Plant is the “T-Section”. Among its notable areas is the aptly named, “Crake Pool”, it’s not unusual on any given trip down there, to find at least one, sometimes more, vehicles pulled up in the open areas near the pool, hoping to catch a glimpse of the many crakes that inhabit the area.

Just a little further along the road and a small pile of rocks in the middle of the pond usually has a share of waterbirds, or waders loafing in the sunshine.

So you might well imagine our suprise the other day to see a pair of enterprising Black Swan had taken over the rocks, and built what can only be thought of as Swan Hilton, securely among the rocks.


We would not normally expect Swans to be at nest at this time of the season, but the Swans obviously know more about all this, than a few words in a Field Guide, so I figure they have it worked out.

She was in the business of shooing away some errant cormorants who had the termindity to think they could perch on her territory.  He, meanwhile, was busy adding to the nesting site to ensure that there was room for the wide-screen tv and other necessary nursery accessories.


Coromorants Begone!



Now we know why he has such a long neck.



2 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. Great captures David, the black swan has been a very successful breeder throughout Aus, how lovely you got to see one nesting, the babies will look so fluffy and cute 😊


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