Purple-crowned Lorikeet: The Art of the Impossible

“Forget the years, forget distinctions. 
Leap into the boundless and make it your home!”
― Zhuangzi


Here’s a quick one as I’m still smiling after watching it happen

Take two Purple-crowned Lorikeets in preening mode.  Have one of them decide that its more fun on the other side of the branch.
Imagine (if you will), it can fly across to the new spot.


Our hero of the moment takes a much  more direct approach.  Had I but known this would have been so much more fun to see in video.



Nothing like a preen and a wingstretch to build a pair bond


Thinks: I’d like to be on the other side.


Easy peasy


Half way and making it look easy. Hasn’t exactly attracted the mate’s attention either. It will never notice what is going on. Heh heh.


Ah, now to get right side up again.


Lorikeet chin-ups.  An olympic contender.


There, wasn’t that easy.  Still not much reaction for the mate.


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