Picture Postcards: A new direction 2 November 2017

I have an emotional connection to every subject
I photograph. You have to love your subject
before others love your photos. 
Art Wolfe.

You are Welcome here

I was chatting with my mate Len from BirdLife Werribee (formerly Werribee Wagtails), conservation warrior and dedicated blog-follower.  Among other things we talked about blog content and agreed that just following one bird or species made an interesting blog that was self-contained.  The other thing I’ve been pondering is that my body of work is overwhelming me to the point that much of it never gets to see the light beyond the harddrive storage.

Add to that I’ve been following David DuChemin’s blog/facebook/instagram of late and have been forced back to the roots of our craft. Images that have a connection, as Art Wolfe says, “To Create Visual Connections”.

Among David D’s prolific output is an occasional short blog post he entitles “Postcards from …name of place.”

So I’ve considered it might be better rather than lamenting my lack of drive to edit the best photos from a day out, and then let them languish for lack of words, that I might publish them as a blog here, and let the mood, emotion, interest and poetry of the visuals carry the bulk of the work of reaching out to the reader.  After all someone said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and millions of words have been written about it. 🙂

Picture Postcards: Lorikeets

There has been a lot of activity down round The Office with Purple-crowned, Little and Rainbow all setting up house and nesting.  Here’s a selection. Set in a WordPress Gallery.



7 thoughts on “Picture Postcards: A new direction 2 November 2017

    1. Hello Eleanor,
      Thanks for taking the time to check-in. My WordPress activity has such a roller coaster ride. Part of the problem is I make promises to myself about making the pictures the hero, and then have an attack of self-indulgence by wanting to write just the right words to go with them.
      Seems that some days the words flow, and some days its a brick wall. Then I lose interest and a new day of photos comes by and the cycle repeats itself, repeats itself.

      David D doesn’t sometimes as his angst is worn on his sleeve, or his keyboard and so I get more into my own photography missing the point of the story of the shots. Ahhh..

      Hope that I can sort out Picture Postcards as being my way forward. Got lots of visual clues to work with. So keep watching.

      Thanks again for your support.


    1. HI AB,
      We seem to have good number of Purple-crowned, and a few Litle. Most of the year when they are here, they spend their time at the tops of the tallest River Red Gums ,and are just little shadows flitting among the highest leaves. The River Reds are quite old, some must be several hundred years I’d guess. Lots of suitable holes for all sized birds. I’ve noted that almost all of the nests are in the living branches rather then the old scared warriors that stand in their grey stillness.

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  1. Great idea David. I’m following your way of thinking, although my “body of work” definitely cannot be compared with yours. As much as I admire your photography I still enjoy your words, so I do hope you will not become taciturn.


    1. G,day Adam,

      Thanks for dropping by, good to hear from you.
      “My body of work”, is another way of saying, My messing hard disk jumble. 🙂
      I enjoy the words. They sometimes roll easily and sometimes, well, its more a struggle. As Hemmingway said. “Writing is easy you just sit down at the typewriter insert a piece of paper, and… bleed. ”

      Mostly its what holds me up from publishing on a regular basis, I assemble the photos, get the concept, then can’t grapple with the words. Languish. Oh, now I’ve a new project, so they sink to the bottom of the hard drive. (just as well we do backups!)

      And sometimes the words just become far too ‘searching my inner muse.’, and I really want it all to feature and showcase the birds.

      Actually liking the Picture Postcards concept. Every good postcard had a few words of encourgement or explanation scrawled on the back.


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