Picture Postcards: Egret Veil Ballet

10 November 2017


Whether it is a movie, a painting, a symphony, or a ballet, 

it’s always insightful and inspiring to see someone 

express themselves through the arts.

Justen Eason


A few pictures on the blog, will in no way express the rich time that I spent with this bird.

For its own reasons, it began its morning cleaning session.  I was able to move around its isolated position to keep the light right and the backdrop just a hint.  The superb elegance of the shaping, caressing and supple body movement kept me enthralled for around 30 minutes or so.  Enough to make over 6o super images, all of which has a subtlety of finesse that its impossible to bring it all together in just a few special images.

The concept of “Ballet” became more impressive with each turn of the body, sweep of the head or rise and fall of feathers.
In Tai Chi we refer to “silk-reeling”, and the outward expression of each action was a superb example in a visual way of this complex, yet simple, concept
Did I enjoy it. You bet.

I hope you too catch the beauty here.

3 thoughts on “Picture Postcards: Egret Veil Ballet

  1. G’day David, it is always a thrill to see the Egret in breeding plumage and a visual delight when the dance is performed. Your stills from the performance are so beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to share the moment.


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