Scarlet Robin and Friends

It’s been awhile since we’ve been into the greybox at Woodlands Historic Park.
As we had a need to travel out to the northern subs today, we hummed and hahhed about making the extra effort to swing by Woodlands.  Mostly the conversation was about the weather.

Neither of us being partial to walking about in the rain, or being blown backwards by strong wings, nor suffering from the interminable porridge skies we’ve been experiencing the past week or so.

So says she, “Why don’t we put the cameras in, and take a late lunch at Greenvale Shopping Square and if when we come out, the weather is reasonable—at term to be defined by looking at the sky and the action of the wind in the trees—and decide then.?”

We lunched on Reggina’s Finest Moroccan Chicken Focaccia. (yeah I know a few mixed metaphors in there,but I don’t write the menu), and suitably supplied with their finest coffee, we ventured out to the carpark and looked.
Yes. It was I declare Reasonable.

As we walked along the track to the Backpaddock, ostensibly to look for Flame Robins, we came across what I later suspect was a mobile winter flock of a few Flame Robin females, Spotted Pardalote, Scarlet Robins, thornbills and at least Brown-headed Honeyeater,  Willie Wagtails, Grey Fantails, and a Grey Shrike-thrush, although it may have been going its own way.

They were gone.  Just like that.

Mrs Scar

Spotted Pardalote, I think it’s a young male moulting in his white head spots

Brown-headed Honeyeater. Always a favourite

Yellow-rumped Thornbill

And up near the Backpaddock one of a pair of Tawny Frogmouth. This one seemed more intent on soaking up the few minutes of warm sunshine that worrying about our presence.

5 thoughts on “Scarlet Robin and Friends

  1. So glad the weather fined up David to grant such lovely shots, especially of the Scarlet male. The Pardie is interesting, is that a yellow rump? If it is it may be race xanthopigus from SA, which has different features, if it is red rumpled it would be a young male maturing. Have a great weekend.


    1. G,day AB.
      I’m no expert on Pardalote. Had a look at the couple of other shots from this outing, seems to me to be an orange to red rump in the majority of the shots. (some are just to blurred to go either way).
      I do get to see quite number of not so red marked birds at the You Yangs. Must find a good one and post just for your opinion.

      Thanks for the interest

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