The Lady makes her Return

For a few months last year a female Eastern Osprey visited the western side of Port Phillip.  It spent some of that time along the Werribee River lower parts, fishing in the tidal estuary.    We named her Eloise,  because of her most elegant appearance.

To our delight, she has made a welcome return.

At this stage she has been mostly seen around the K-Road Cliffs area, which has given photographers and birders excellent views.
Needless to say of course we’ve been down to say hello.


Here then is a selection of the encounters so far.


Sitting at low tide on some logs in the water.


Partway through a meal, and the nosey neighbors want to share.
A Whistling Kite tries its luck in close. But missed
Gliding in the afternoon sunshine
Don’t try this at home kids. This is a trained professional
Hanging out the working gear ready for flight
Perfect attachment
Just after launch
Melbourne Weather is not always kind to visitors of her status, nor photographers

12 thoughts on “The Lady makes her Return

    1. HI Eleanor, I suspect that Hazel and Alan would love to take the drive over. And I’d love to be able to give you the girl’s schedule, but she seems to run on Osprey time!


    1. G,day AB. The Whistlers and Blacks are relentless, and also the Ravens. She tolerates it all for awhile then unfolds the big wings and gives them all a right bit of hurry up. Surprising to see such a large bird at speed through the trees with Ravens going every which way.
      Will post again as I’ve managed a few good sequences of it all happening. Just be nice for a bit of good weather for a change

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  1. G’day David, this is great news and great photos too. I’m presently on Magnetic Island and I see ospreys every day cruising up in the skies so I’ve been thinking of Eloise and here she is back. She’s still the most beautiful osprey I’ve ever seen. Warm greetings, Adam

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    1. Hi Adam, it is pretty exciting I must admit. Dorothy managed some great shots of her with a catch, and as Nina says, they are huge bream. If she keeps going this way, she’ll be there for awhile I think.

      Enjoy your closeups with working Osprey.


  2. David, So happy that she is back and that you are there to welcome her for us all. Fantastic photos once again mate. Thanks for the efforts to capture and document.

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    1. G,day Ben, thanks for stopping by. Thought you might like a raptor, but its not two! She seems to travel on her own this time of year, and as they are not listed as being along the Victorian Coast in this area, its a pretty big deal. Fortunately where she is working is quite easy to access so lots of people should get good views.


    1. Hi Nina, Glad you found her. Dorothy has a shot with a similar fish, its a colossal size, so Eloise must be pretty happy with the food supply.
      It does say something about the abundance of quite large fish in the river. The other thing I’ve noted just south of K_Road Carpark, the river runs over some pebbly shallows and the water is crystal clear. Must make it a bit easier to spot the big ones.

      Hopefully we’ll all be able to fill memory cards the size of her fish!


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