Red-capped Robin

One of the birds I’ve talked about before is the Red-capped Robin male we have located at the You Yangs.
He seems to have a most unusual feather detail, with quite an amount of white amongst his red cap.

He also tends to call like a Scarlet Robin, and I have no idea why, although quite a number of suggestions have been offerered

He is in company with a rather sweet female Red-capped Robin, so she is obviously impressed with his credentials.

Bit of strange code kicking about as I was hoping to link this to my images on Nikon Space. We’ll see.

And here is the good Lady herself

6 thoughts on “Red-capped Robin

  1. G’day David. This is a very mysterious bird indeed and even hi red cap is not as red as usual with the Red-capped Robins. No wonder the sweet female is impressed.
    I have followed the link to Nikon Image Space and it works fine (also some nice music when I clicked on slide show), except I could not get back to you post easily.
    Thanks for your post and best regards,


    1. Adam,

      Thanks for taking the time to click over. I had hopes of being able to use that space as a faster way to get images into WordPress, but have to admit it has some serious limitations. Might open up a new Flickr site just for storing images.

      Not that I’m running out of space, but just had hopes of being able to upload wifi to Image Space. Time will tell.

      He is indeed a funny bird. No doubt he is a Red-capped Robin, perhaps he grew up with Scarlets?
      There is a Red cap recorded call on the net from some where in the Mallee I think, and it sounds pretty much as a Scarlet as well, so its not an isolated case.

      We’ll keep working with them if possible. She we have discovered is very people friendly and Dorothy has had some particularly nice shots of her on Flickr.

      Bit sad that the link over is only one way, I might be able to make it open in a new tab perhaps.

      Thanks again


    1. G,day AB,
      It is a bit of a conundrum isn’t it. I can’t find any info on the possibility or reliability of cross breeding. When we first encountered him he was in the company of a pair of Scarlet Robins, but, perhaps that is more coincidence than anything. Its only a finite forest area.
      As it turns out, since we’ve been seeing the female red-cap, the Scarlets seem to have disappeared. I’ll post a couple more images of the two red-caps together, and Dorothy has quite a lot of the female, and a pretty cute shot of them on wire fence together.
      Time I guess will tell.

      He doesn’t or hasn’t when I’ve been there called as a red-cap, not even the sharp little scold that the pair has as a contact call.

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