Re-decorating the Office

Well it is indeed that time of year when the seasons change and with that change the birdlife at the Office begins to take on a new look for Winter.

So a change of colour scheme is definitely on the agenda.
Out with the mottled tones of Summer, and in with the bold colours of cooler days.

And the first of our Winter collection is ready for show

The rich brown/chestnut of a Nankeen Kestrel.  This bird has shown up on previous occasions and is currently brightening up the fence posts along the river bank.

And we are proud to announce the introduction of the “Flame Robin” collection.

We have been checking over the past couple of weeks, and finally a sparkle of Red on the fence and among the grasses reveals that these handsome birds have indeed settled in to their winter stop over.

The females are there too, in their most appropriate soft and dainty brown and tan.  All looking a treat after their flight in from up in the high country.

A decorator’s delight.


Female Nankeen Kestrel
She is hunting mostly small lizards and grasshoppers
A fine way to brighten up a dull fence
Both Female and Males have turned up
Rich Colour
Still not very approachable at this early stage
Delicate tones of the female

3 thoughts on “Re-decorating the Office

    1. HI Eleanor, glad you enjoyed the visit. There are about 12-15 robins out there at present. They usually take a few weeks to settle in, to top up with food and then begin to range along the river tops and the paddocks behind. Sometimes easy to photography, some times not.

      I’ll post as we get more views


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