How to Brighten up a Grey Box Forest

I suppose it was not to be unexpected that after finding some Flame Robins at The Office last week, that we would have to venture further afield.
A rare find of a Rose Robin at Woodlands Historic Park, must have got the inquisitive out and about, as every person we met today asked, “Have you seen the Rose Robin?”  Sadly we had to respond “No”.  We did manage to get an indication that some Flame Robins had been seen down near the hospital dam, and so like the Banjo suggests,  “We went”.

But no luck. Did you remember to pack the bird karma, she asked.

At this time of the year I always expect the Bandicoot Hilton, Backpaddock to be firmly locked from mere mortals, but today it was open and so we ventured in.

And quite quickly came upon some old friends. Always nice to catch up with these birds.  The “Brothers Three”, are three quite distinctively different Flame Robin males who seem quite happy to winter over together.  And at the moment the females and a few juveniles are in their company.

Add to the mix a very active Scarlet male, and at least two Red-capped Robin males who were discussing territory in no uncertain terms and seemed to be encouraged on by one very loud and bossy female Red-cap.

I’ve said it before, but  there is something quite wonderful about sitting on a stump in a Grey Box forest as the Flame Robins hunt back and forth around me.


Ahh, there you are!
No doubt their stay is for the excellent food.
Hey, do you know, I’ve photographed your relatives on that tree trunk in past years! Just like that.
Looking sleek and elegant in the winter attire
One of a number of females with “The Brothers Three” almost certainly they’ll move on in a week or two.
Female Red-capped Robin. I think this is the female from the nesting area.
Another of the Brothers. This one has the distinctive red slash into his black.
This forest is not big enough for the two of us. Red-capped Robin making his point to a rival.
This bright lass seemed to be encouraging the two males with much calling.
Log Dancing. The first to fly loses. At this stage the one of the right is in much better control.

3 thoughts on “How to Brighten up a Grey Box Forest

  1. G’day David, it is so nice to see the results of the Robin Whisperer’s visit to the Bandicoot Hilton. I particularly enjoy that you show the little beauties in their environment. In my opinion the humble females contribute to brightening up the Grey Box Forest as much as the extravagantly handsome males.
    Thanks and greetings,


    1. G,day Adam,
      Me too, the females in their much more refined dress seem to me to be much more elegant, and they are just that litle extra challenge to bring out the best. Fortunately they are sometimes a bit more cooperative.

      Early season yet, so we’ll see what happens.


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