Good old flat lighting works for me

Posted a new image and discussion over on Studio Werkz.

Studio Werkz

Things have been a bit hectic at Studio Werkz.
I was sitting quietly on a seat in the shade of the late afternoon sun, waiting for some ducks to begin their bathing routine in the late sunshine.

When, for no reason other than it wanted to, this young Nankeen Night Heron swung down out of the sky and landed a few metres from me feet.

WIth the sun as the main light source coming directly from behind me, and sprinkling its goodness as it came through the tall trees and foliage, tiny pin-point spot lights were the order of the day.

The rich golden light of that evening sun, seemed in so many ways to balance and enhance the young bird’s feather set.

My real challenge was to keep the exposure from washing out the highlights, and also from blocking up the shadows.  I tend to use a Picture Control on…

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