Bathing Beauty

I have to say, I’ve never seen a White-faced Heron engaged in a bathing session.

That is until today.

Was working with a couple of Nankeen Night Heron juveniles, and somewhere, you know, way over there, was a White-faced Heron. Not that I was really interested at that distance anyway.

For its own reasons, it waded out into the deeper water, and proceeded to settle down into the water up to the top of its wings.  And then it must have rocked back on its wings/tail and stood vertically.   Most interesting. 

Ignore Night Herons, move toward White-faced.

Oh, I’m so fickle!

And it sat there in the water, kind of just soaking up the water. It was settling in for a long soothing soak.

After what quite a few minutes, it slowly stood up, and then ducked underwater and proceeded to the normal splashing about that birds seem to enjoy.   More settling in for a soak

And then out to the bank for a shake down, and wing spread dry out.

We say things like, Well now I’ve seen it all, but perhaps there are things that we have yet to enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Bathing Beauty

  1. What a wonderful series of shots. It’s true – I have never seen one bathing either, yet obviously they must do so. Your bird was clearly enjoying its leisurely bath.

    Thanks for letting us enjoy it too.


  2. G’day David,
    This is amazing, especially the first photos are so unusual. Thanks for revealing this Bathing Beauty to us.


    1. G,day Derek,
      Thanks for dropping by. I must admit I’ve never seen this activitiy with the Heron. I’ve seen them wading up to their chests, but, this was a deliberate sit in the water. It rocked back on what I assume is the tail/wing tips, and bit like a Kangaroo, leaned back to have the body vertical out of the water.
      Perhaps you’re right, it sat that way for around 10 minutes or more.

      Too cool


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