Meet Penny the Pink Robin. A Gallery for your enjoyment

Spent a really wet and dry morning down at the Point Cook Coastal Park.  In between heavy downpour squalls and high winds bands of sunshine played across the paddocks.

We’d gone to look for Kites, but as it turned out, in the rain, our hearts were stolen by a very small and extremely tolerant Pink Robin.  Yep, we have featured her before, but today among the downpours and the shafts of sunlight she seemed contented to allow our presence.  EE postulates, (and who would argue), that perhaps our walking in the rain on the wet road drove worms to the surface and made it easier for her to hunt around us.  The number of worms she seemed to collect from nowhere might give a bit of cred. to the theory.

I’ve also figured out that I can make a respectable gallery of a trip to add into WordPress, and so think I might have found a solution to my challenge of being able to give a sense of the trip without wasting lot of words.

Click on any photo in the gallery and it will display up to 2000 pixels across. -big enough!  Then you can move through to the next or preceding images.Hope you enjoy this way of viewing the images, as the photos tell the story.

And it lets you comment on the pictures (if you feel the need).


Penny the Pink Robin Gallery

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