Penny up close and personal

Wanted to give this moment a space of its own.

She is on a fence post and has come down the fence line to see what I’m doing.  Had to step back a bit to get focus. Too close for the lens focus setting.

For the technically ept, its shot with the 300mm f/2.8 and a TC 2.0e iii.  Equiv focal length 600mm.  I had the presence of mind to stop down to f/10, to at least get some little depth of field. My calc is about 3cm.  As I’m running the D810 on Auto-ISO, it bumped the ISO up to 2500.  Something I’d probably not do normally.  And its hand-held. My Flickr mate Martyn would be happy.  See his work here.
Only Noise Reduction is the tiny amount that my software adds at ingestion.

For an extra look try the “Full Size” button on the bottom left in the gallery shot.

Hello Penny.