Morning Among the Water Birds

Been awhile since I made an attempt at bringing Birds as Poetry up to date.
My apology also takes a turn in another direction as my ‘creative’ output has been to hardcopy books and end of year calander things.   I got a super calendar from my Singapore mate Lynzwee, and it was made by a company called ZNO
Didn’t take me long to figure out I’d like some of those and so I’ve been doing the appropriate file transfer and fiddling with pages on the web to get them just right.
Also did a book of the Great Egret from the Veil Ballet.   I don’t suppose its such a big deal, but I was so impressed by the bird’s simple expressions that I wanted them to appear in something that extended the feel of the moment.

So Blurb got the job done.  While I am yet to put my hand up as a Lightroom fanboy, I have to say it did make quite a presentable book.  Even if I had a few stops and starts to get what I was looking for.

When I look back over it, the images themselves are each quite simple, but as Dave Delmea quoted by David DuChemin says,

” The images themselves are quite simple, perhaps plain, but because of the lack of complexity it might be easy for a viewer to look at the content and feel they ‘I’ve got it”, without much consideration.

The strength comes when you begin to take in the more understated things. The angles, contrasts, colour contrasts and movements. In a book the viewer can compare, consider and feel the subtle element differences.”

So I’ve  spent the time doing the book.

All work and no play, makes for a restless photographer, so EE and I made a dash one bright early morning down the the WTP

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