Black Falcon

There have been reports of Black Falcons at the treatment plant for several months, but with one exception, we haven’t been able to get a good view of them.  However that all changed on Monday 26th of March.
On the way back from a day at the You Yangs, we were travelling on 29 Mile Road near the Beach Road junction and found two sitting together in the trees on the roadside.  At first we took a look from further back, but then moved up to the road junction.

To our great delight, the birds flew out of the trees and began quite an aerial display. The light was good, and so I managed some passable photos.

The speed of the birds is astonishing.  They seemed to be able to turn on next to nothing, and they spent a bit of time in mock combat and then sped off down the road giving every bird along the way a fly past just it seemed for the fun of it.  Then they went from black spots way way down the road to race past us at speed, it must have been 100kph or so it seemed.  A great afternoon’s entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Black Falcon

  1. G,day,

    Yeah, have to say we were pretty chuffed on the day. Not often that the light works a treat as well.
    We’ve had nearly three weeks of very average light, rain most every day. I’m a bit tired of the”Oh, it’s good for the garden excuse.”
    It would also be fair to say that we had a better time watching the birds and their aerial displays rather than just taking the shots.
    A great afternoon’s entertainment.


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