Saturday Evening Post #198

It has been said by those who know, that, ” The call of the sea is heard only by those who have the nature of the sea in them”. And as I have an irrational fear of boats, I guess I missed hearing the sea bellowing at me.

But then there are so many other things that call us, and some we reject and others we accept and it becomes a passion, (Which I guess is what the original quote was poetically referring to.)

I have been a photographer nearly all my life, (excluding the first 8 years of said life). Did I hear some faint shutter sound, imperceptible to those around me. Or was it the slosh of developer in a processing tank? Or the biting smell of acetic acid in the stop bath?
When asked the inevitable question at a function or such, “What do you do? Or these days, “What Did you do?” I always respond the same way. “I am a photographer, by backgound, training and profession

Because I discoverd early on, answering “Photographer”, always opens up for scorn and derision. Like, how could that be a real occupation!
But the supposed call of photography has rather been more an ear-trumpet to other pursuits. Currently it’s birds. And as I’m getting older, birds in flight, and raptors in particular it seems.

I’ve chased down many alleys in pursuit of images. Two areas I’ve stayed away from are Food photography and Medical photography—can’t stand the sight of blood. 🙂
Each field has usually led me to unusual characters, amazing people, and lots of learning.
Sure, I know, I could have done it someother way, but filling it with photos has been the icing on the cake.

Gail Mooney, (you can find her here on WordPress) said, (and she has at least 30 years experience as an illustrative photographer), ” If I was just starting out, or in my 40’s, or 50’s, … I would not be complacent!”

And I look at all the excuses I’ve used in the past.
Oh its too cold, I’ll stay home
I need a new Lens
The light is not right
I’m not getting enough ‘likes on facebook” —Trust me. That one is made up 🙂
I just can’t find anything to photograph today
Perhaps the client won’t like that shot
The Bride’s Mother kept getting in the way

It’s a long list.

If the call of sea drives sailors to make amazing journeys then I’m so glad that the same sort of call by that ever-so-silent shutter, so long ago has kept me from becoming complacent about making the best pictures I can, as often as I can and enjoying the companship of other like minds.


Nailed Mr and Mrs Muddie in flight—albiet on different days. Just happened to notice them while I was shuffling some pictures around.
Thought a diptych was the answer.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #198

  1. Great images of the Muddies flying, David!
    Yes, photography is a passion, you got a head start on me though, I was about 15 when I started taking notice of what my Dad was doing as a hobby clicker, and the work of others in the field. And I can relate to the call of the sea, there is nothing better, or more exhilarating, than being on a boat – with a camera in hand! But unlike you, I enjoy the contribution I can make with forensic and coronial photography. It can be very intense and that is when I need to get into nature for some birding/nature photography.
    I smiled at your list of excuses, mainly because I may have used the odd one at times!

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    1. Yep, I think I can confindently say the call of sea must have noted my hesitation and didn’t bother. I don’t do pelargic trips. Period. Full stop. Never. Ever. 🙂
      Although I do have to confess to going on the Queenscliff to Sorrento on a really really calm day. 🙂
      Get a bit stream of conciousness on the blog sometimes and it tends to wander out of my control. 🙂

      I was also going to add Weddings to the I don’t do list, but perhaps better to say, I have done my last one. If there was an AA for Wedding photographers I’d be a charter member.


  2. Lovely captures of the Mudlarks David, we call Peewees up north, yes I can agree it can be difficult to adequately communicate in a few words one’s occupation. When I would be asked my occupation and tried to explain it, it usually made their faces even more confused, almost wishing they had never asked, which would bring a silence of not wanting to feel stupid if they were not acquainted with it, so I try to simplify it. Thankfully it in retirement it is not asked much any longer, whereas your occupation is lifelong. Many try to describe me as a bird photographer, and I follow with I am not photographing to so much to make images of birds, as many do much better than I, but more so to study bird behaviour, as this and human behaviour interest me the most. .Have a wonderful week my friend, and hope you get some warm dry days.

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    1. Hello Ashley,
      They are such great little birds As kids we used to be jealous of them as they were able to paddle about in roadside pools while we had to watch from the sideline or get yelled at.
      Peewees, Muddies, Mudlarks, Murray Magpies, if ever a little bird had an id crisis, this would be it.

      These days, I think, photographer, as a title has lost any real meaning. Including Professional in the title doesn’t really give any more credibility, but it might just be the people I associate with.
      With so much great gear available now, and so many people with a specialist need for their particular craft, hobby or passion, the line between the old photographer on highstreet and a couple of Mums running baby photos, or a lad doing Food photography for coffee shops had made the line even harder to define.

      As you realise we don’t pursue bird species, or numbers. We tend to work with a smaller “select” group of birds and document as best as we can their lives. Jon Young the US Indian Tracker of “What the Robin Knows”, is my kind of go to for style.

      Hope the trip north has been refreshing.

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  3. Sorry – this one got buried in the In Basket and I have just found it again. I do like the matching pair of images. On the matter of that “What do you do?” question, it’s a pretty limiting way of finding out about a person. “What interests you?” would be much more to the point, though I suppose some people might find it a bit too personal in someone they had just met!


  4. Hello Eleanor, yes, its an interesting question isn’t it. And half the time I think they aren’t all that intrested in the reply, and particularly if it is of no value to them.
    Mostly its that sort of question as in How are you. (But please don’t tell me any more than you are ok)
    Mr An Onymous and I have for years, removed that sort of draam to “I acknowledge your persence” that way we can move on to other stuff.


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