Saturday Evening Post #190: Knockin’ Off for the Weekend

Welcome to a little bit of stream of consciousness

We were having a discussion about when a freelance photo-assignment is completed. Perhaps it’s an event, or a get-together, or maybe even a sporting event.

How do you know when to stop, and leave?

So we followed the options, well at least as many as we could think of. Perhaps the time to stop shooting is when the main action is over. The keynote speaker has left the building, the team has gone to the sheds, the family matriarch has gone home. The bride and groom have left for the honeymoon.
Or are there still more photos to be made of the people cleaning up, the packing and load-out, the security going about locking-up the doors, and maybe the last lights being turned off.

I ventured that another option would be to, “Knock-off, and get home in time for dinner”.
What do you mean, Knock-off?

Colloquialisms don’t travel well down the years or across cultures. I grew up in a farming and building community. Knock-off time was the description of ceasing work. Like “Striking a Blow” was getting started.

But, then we started to see other possibilities.

F’instance. The painting was a good Knock-off of the original. Meaning someone had made a pretty good copy.

Or how about, the soldier who was explaining his lack of some kit items, by responding, “Well someone must have Knocked it Off.” Meaning it had been stolen.

He was Knocked-Off his perch. Meaning that his status had changed as in Scomo was Knocked Off his Perch.

Then for the pedants: The new camera was accidentally knocked off the table onto the floor and destroyed the lens. Well, we all hope that never happens. 🙂

Some meanings come, of course, directly from movie sources as in, “Let’s Knock-off the so and so”, meaning to kill them.

Must be time to Knock-off a cuppa tea. Meaning a tea break. Or it’s so hot I could Knock-off a beer.

and off course a good one to finish. Knock it off, we’ve had enough.

Bet we missed a few.

And on that note, I think I’ll just Knock-off for the weekend. Seeya next week.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #190: Knockin’ Off for the Weekend

  1. Ah, the colloquialisms of Oz and the English language! Tonight I just want to knock off and go to bed!
    As to when an event is over and the camera is packed away – that, for me, is the moment I get in the car and leave! I have seen and photographed some amazing things that have happened ‘after the event’!
    Enjoy the weekend, one where it seems the doona will be our best friend.

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  2. David it is amazing how we can use the same phrase so many ways and form do many colloquialisms, which is what us Aussies are good at. The knock off example is a great one. We once threw a load of colloquialisms for fun at a French American, and he just stood there laughing his head off as he could not understand a word we were saying. Love the pick of my fav bird. My friend Butch visits daily and I just delight every time he sings. He usually calls each time he sees me, but today I have not seen him. As you shared there is more to photography than the main event, there is all the prep and post work, as with wedding photography, the shots before, getting everyone dressed, the tears etc, and then the post reception and speeches. Stay warm and safe my friend.

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    1. I used to work SE Asia and colleagues coming here would often ask as we left an event, “what did they say?” And their English skills were far better than mine. :-). No doubt I often misunderstood a lot of their conversation on home territory .

      We don’t have Butcherbirds local. This one turned up and stayed over one summer. Then we were locked down and when we got back it had moved on. No doubt searching for an elusive mate.
      It was a great loss. Like your local it had accepted our presence and would often npbe the instigator of a meeting.

      Hope the cold and wet is nit too much of a problem. We are hunkered down in self-isolation or so it seems

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