Little Visits: Searching for the holy grail or Grebe

We had gone to Ballarat with high hopes of being able to find the resident Great Crested Grebes and be able to photograph them up close.

Such was the the plan

Day One:  Not a feather of a grebe to be seen.

Day Two: Helpful local pointed out that since they had raised the young they were now residing further out in the outer most reeds.
So we patiently looked, from a distance, at the various reed beds.  Not much happening really.

Day Three. An early morning search did in fact reveal a grebe or two, way, way out there, in those reeds well beyond reach of the best long lenses.

Day Three: Evening stroll.  Now this was more like it, they had moved to perhaps the second set of reed beds, closer in.  But, clever birds they are, were all tucked up asleep and had no intention of coming closer.

Day Four: Departure day.  Early morning.   Well, they were still out on the second reed beds and a single adult and two juveniles were in the open, adult was hunting ,young were still hoping for handouts.   Didn’t look like we were going to get the shots.
Then EE said, “Oh, look one of the young is coming in this way.”  Sure enough.

And then a few minutes later the adult swam in the same direction but further around the lake so we quickly walked, as it swung in quite near the edge and then with some deft strokes to get away from the complaining young one by its side, it was back out among the furtherest reeds.

Still, we had bagged some shots, and while not memorable, we had at least been able to check off the grebes from the list for the weekend.

8 thoughts on “Little Visits: Searching for the holy grail or Grebe

  1. Stunning captures David of this beautiful bird. Waiting paid off, as it often does in birding. I love the high quality and definition of your pics. We had a cloudy day when we saw them in our most recent post when in Lake Cargelligo.

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