Interludes: Galah Fun-Park

We found a  family of Galah today.
They had discovered an old disused Southern Cross Windmill.  Whilst it no long is used to draw water, the blades still function in the wind, and while it might not be as balanced precision as when first installed, in a strong wind it can crank around at a fair pace.

Now the questions arise.  Did the Galahs know what would happen as they perched on the vanes, or was it all some fun thing to do that needed to be repeated to get the most from it.
None-the-less, for about 20 minutes or so they enjoyed exploring and learning about gravity. (?).

If one landed on a vane off vertical it enjoyed a slow trip down to the bottom of the arc.   If two or more landed, then the balance could be worked out and the windmill did not turn, but when one left, either by flying off or moving to another vane, then the others enjoyed a trip around the circle.

The rust on the vanes always was intriguing and so each one tried their hand (beak) at removing it.  Stubbornly it remained.

It was one of those times when the video on youtube would get a million hits.


10 thoughts on “Interludes: Galah Fun-Park

  1. An entertaining series David, it is great to see these clowns enjoy the Ferris wheel. I love the way birds of the Parrot family entertain themselves and know how to have fun. They say it is their training in agility, similar to us as teenagers in our sports and mucking abouts.

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    1. Hello Ashley, the only thing that can be said it was pure entertainment. It was hard to keep them in the viewfinder and laugh at the same time.
      Funny thing is, I think it was as much pure entertainment for them.
      I think the Loris, Galahs and Cockatoos are easily bored and have a way of turning anything into an adventure.
      Mind, they can also be incredibly destructive in large numbers.

      I hope the few shot here give some indication of their good natured enjoyment.

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  2. Hello Eleanor too true, maybe I should set up a stand and sell tickets for the Corellas and Sulphur-crested to come and join in the fun.
    What still amazes me is what they were thinking as the wheel turned and took them down to the lower level, or did they just accept that as normal.

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