Interludes: Making Your Own Fun

This is one of those moments that my “Interlude Project” was made for.

One of a pair with cygnets in our local Water Retaining Basin.
It had moved to the far end of the pond for a spot of bathing, cleaning and coot chasing.
Satisfied with its results, it was time to return to the chores of looking after the young.

A quick flight down the pondage and a waterski for the thrill and life could go on.

I know that it’s frowned on to anthropomorphise about them enjoying the  moment, but I really believe that they get a kick out of  the ability to skim the water and make a bit entrance.
And if they don’t, well at least it keeps me smiling.


All flaps down, brushing off speed and readying the landing gear.


Levelling out and a landing spot picked out
Steady for the big Splash
And Touch down
Any one can ski on two, it’s much more fun on one
Folding up the sails
“Mum’s Back” The young came out all excited to see the parent return.

4 thoughts on “Interludes: Making Your Own Fun

  1. A splendid series of images, David! And I am sure birds, and other animals, do some things just because they can and they enjoy it! It is certainly fun to watch!


  2. Wonderful captures David, and how cool that birds do have fun, and it is part of their training for life, similar to human children. I have been delighted to learn how much time birds spend playing, and how it helps relieve their high stress level, to predication. The Swans are doing very well breeding everywhere, they seem to be good breeders.. These were lovely mindful moments for you.


  3. I must admit that recently you’ve been particularly successful with fabulous photography subjects, David. This series of images with frontal approach of the Black Swan is so good. The last photo with one of the cygnets flapping its wings is absolutely adorable. I also confirm that birds do things for fun and make us people enjoy those moments too. Thanks for sharing and lighting up my rather gloomy Friday morning.


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