From the Ripley Believe it or Not File


My little pond was all quiet when I began my Tai Chi routine this morning.
And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a duck to turn up.

Just as well.


A few minutes into my routine, a flurry of feathers went by my head and “Sploosh, Sploosh” I suddenly had two Pacific Black Ducks in the pond, just in front of my feet.
Quite took me back. I didn’t quite know how to react and as my fone was just out of reach on the ground, I simply stood and watched.
They paddled about, and began a pretty energetic feeding routine, so I took the chance to ease of over, grab the fone and here is a short piece of video.
Short of upgdrading my wordpress, this link will have to do for today

5 thoughts on “From the Ripley Believe it or Not File

  1. So lovely of them to come, they have accepted you as part of their day.
    Splendid footage too. They are wonderfully synchronised with their diving!


  2. Thanks for sharing this morning blessing David. You may be witnessing a new relationship building as the Black Duck has found a mate, and maybe this is the sign of new life in the making as bush Spring ensures. How lovely that they trusted you and allowed you to share their dining table as they dabbled bottoms up. Yes a very special mindful moment, at quite a neat little pond. 🙂


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