Interludes: “On The Road Again…”

Well then, time to don the old spotted ‘kerchief, pull down the weather beaten widebrimmed hat, tune up the ole guitar and climb aboard the VW Microbus for another round of Willie Nelson singin’  “On the Road Again”. Now Willie may not be my fav entertainer, but I do as an aside, get a bit lumpy of throat everytime I hear his “Blue eyes Cryin’ in the Rain.”
Wipes moisture off keyboard continues typing.

Yep.  She’s back on the Road.  Well, more particularly out and about in the field with camera at the ready.

A few more weeks, and the old EE will be back to full form I’d be thinking. Goodby to #Kneetoo it seems.

How many Australian Hobbies would you normally expect to see in a morning? Most of us would be hard to agree to One, and then think it lucky
Two?  Stretching it Mate.
Three? EE

Now for bonus points, how many of those Hobbies would be carefully ensconced in a tree happily feeding away on a recent take?
One, oh, ok, I’ll give you that.
Two? Well that is why you should turn up the music louder. She’s back on the road.  🙂

We were working on a couple of recently fledged Black-shouldered Kites, when the conversation changed to,
“I think a Hobby with a meal just landed in a tree back there.”

We look, well at least I did.  Dark in there, lots of thick branches and leaves.  Searching.
Click, click, click.  She’s spotted it.
And there was the Hobby with what was the remains of a House Sparrow.  Way up there, in among all that clutter.  Amazing.

Suitably  photographed, we left it to its devices and headed back to iAmGrey for a cuppa.

Midway through, the conversation changed.

“I think there is a second Hobby with a meal in that tree at the end of the roadway!”

Abandoning the warm Earl of Grey to its own devices, we move to the other side of the parking area.
Now this one wasn’t so hard, out in the open, on a branch, looking very uncomfortable trying to eat on a sloping branch.
Click, click.

Job done we relocated to a second pair of kites.  Another Interlude story for next time.

Just as EE got out of the iAmGrey, a Hobby flew pretty much head height over her. ”
Click Click. Click.

I can still hear the guitars, and,”The Life I love is making photos with my friend, I’m so glad that we’re back in the field again!!”

Young Black-shouldered Kites mock battle
Only recently fledgded, but already quite the adept aviator
Hobby Number One. Once under the tree, it was easier to see among the foliage
A fresh catch that needed cleaning up for table presentation
Hobby Number Two. A rather awkward perch to work on.
Hobby Number Two. Eventually moved to a more suitable branch in the open. 
However this was the home of a pair of Willie Wagtails, and visitors were not welcome.
There is only so much harasssment it could take. FInished the meal, and time to leave.
Young Black-shouldered Kite. It seems this clutch flew two young.
They have been moved a few hundred metres from the nesting area. Perhaps the food is better on that side of the highway.

9 thoughts on “Interludes: “On The Road Again…”

  1. Well named EE – she’s a one woman birdwatching group! So great that she is out and about again and has lost none of her spotting skills. And some beautiful photographs for us all to enjoy – thank you both.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An enjoyable and sentimental read David, and lovely sweet tribute to your wife as your best friend and to her birding prowess, it is encouraging to us birders who have partners who share our ‘hobbies’ (sorry for the pun). Yes what a treat to see a hobby family enjoying their meal, a real buzz for you both. I particularly love seeing the Willie Wagtail in classic attack position, they are such brave determined little power packs, and will be in action around here again soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ashley, thanks for your kind thoughts. We have worked as a team for almost out entire life together on various photographic projects, weddings, studio, car event, magazines. But in the field she really shines.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great to hear that EE is back in the field! The best news! Wonderful to know, also, that her time off hasn’t diminished her spotting prowess. Lovely to see the Hobby pair enjoying their meal, albeit for one, with some Willie harassment. Fine images indeed. I spotted just one Hobby a few minutes ago, as I crossed the Woolworths carpark. It had two Ravens hard on the attack. Of course I had no camera as I was just heading to the Post Office!
    I like the song too, On The Road Again was always on high rotation as we set off on a tour, or if travelling solo it would be Manfred Mann’s ‘Davy’s On The Road Again!

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    1. G’day David, if anything its become sharper. 🙂
      Up until 8pm tonight, I’d been shopping a bit at Hoppers, but hadn’t has much luck finding the Hobbies.
      However medical visits the other day, the Kestrels were working off the buildings up near the temp railway carpark.

      Hard not to like Willie Nelson, old country habits hard to eradicate.
      Just turn up the Man and life takes on a different shade of happiness. 🙂


  4. G’day David. This is such a great post to read on this new lockdown day. Great to read about EE’s recovery and her continuing magical skills in bird-spotting.
    You definitely live in the right part of the world if going shopping or for medical reasons gives you the opportunity to watch these beautiful raptors in action. I’d be carrying my camera every time I leave home for the permitted reasons…
    I’ve already faved this special shot with WW and a Hobby on Flickr and now you are serving the whole series. Your next post is definitely something to be looking for.
    And yes – almost every “On the Road Again” is a winner. I’ve used the Canned Heat’s version to make it my phone jingle 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I love the Canned Heat version.
      But I really chill out to Crosby Stills Nash and Young’s “Woodstock” by Neil Young.
      We are Star Dust…

      The birds on the last few posts are all outside or just outside of my 5Km. Sadly. As right at the moment that is where the best action is.
      So I’m back to walking to the local supermarket in the morning for ‘milk’ and watching the Masked Lapwings take up their positions for nesting on the various medium strips and small grass verges.

      I enjoyed writing this post (and I think it shows), as I have been getting the touch too philosophical, even for me of late.

      Got a new project to talk about on Saturday.

      Keep takin’ pictures. We do.


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