Saturday Night Post #123.1 Now Here’s the Ultimate Co-incidence

Arrrgh.  Nuff to make me blush.

After last night SEP #123 “It Doesn’t Matter“,  pointing out the vagaries of  believing in new gear.

Found a shot by David Hume Kennerly on Twitter.

Shot with the amazing Canon R5 and a 100-500 lens.

Humming Bird

I can’t obviously publish it here, but do take a sneak look.

Reminds me that sometimes to better check my refs.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Post #123.1 Now Here’s the Ultimate Co-incidence

  1. Interesting. A fine image but it does nothing to convince me to move to mirrorless. Long story, we have a couple in the business. Found to be okay for general event photography and not a lot else. Didn’t get a lot of time with them for sports photography last year, but the results were below average when compared with DSLR and poor when compared with 35mm. I wasn’t happy with the results of bird in flight images, bird okay but lack of fine detail, background a noisy mess. And not suitable for high quality macro. My opinion only of course, others seem to love them. Could be I just don’t know how to use them properly, along with the two guys who have spent a lot of time working with them in their work for me.

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    1. Good to hear from a user. I think part of the hype is from the egg-spurt blog entertainers who must run with the latest to be seen as current. Funny thing is from all the sites I’ve looked at, exception being Mark Smith, i can’t say I saw an inflight shot, that blew me away. My old D200 and the manual focus 600 f/5.6 probably would have managed as well. 🙂
      What I suspect will happen as more tech gets into the hands of newbies to the bird/photography thing, that the quality will indeed go up. But, it will be a level playing field of ‘sameness’ or ‘blandness’.
      The skill is not in owning something, but in working with the birds. That will never be replaced by some clever app.
      Time, will tell.


  2. G’day David, I’ve read both of your recent posts on the subject of new gear vs. photographic skills and, naturally, I like your approach and I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments. I must admit that your opinion on D500 and the 500 PF influenced my choice of new gear greatly, although I also “consulted” Mr. Google a bit. The news and opinions on the recent mirrorless cameras evoked a bit of interest in me but not that much due to their size, because I love the body of my D500 too much 😉
    The ability to focus on bird’s eye looked somewhat interesting (just “somewhat”) but what made me really listen was the Pro Capture mode of the new Olympus, as spruiked by Georgina Steytler. The ability to shoot split seconds before I press the shutter looks like a real enhancement to the human skills. Still, I’d rather wait till it’s available on a new Nikon, because by then my photographic reflex time will be probably very slow…

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    1. Hi Adam, Ha, made me laugh, well, more likely nod and smile. The Pro Capture mode is not entirely dissimilar to the Pre-capture mode on the now discontinued Nikon 1 series. Nikon’s original blunder in to the Mirrorless market. The single biggest issue with that system, was the chip size and therefore the tiny lens mount size.

      Have to say we had a couple of them, and some of the lenses. Derek who used to post regularly on Flickr had a V3 and a 70-300 zoom. It must have been someone’s pet ‘project’ at Nikon as it delivered far above its specs. I purchased one and did a whole Robin season about 5 years back. In the end, the chip size sank it for me. But if I go back and run those nef files through DxO or Capture One, the results are really impressive.

      I’ve used the 300PF and 500PF on my little Nikon Z50, as long as the bird stand still I could not tell the difference from the D500 results. Inflight, well the af has been crippled for such fast activities. But it’s light and a joy to carry and pull out when needed.

      I think the new tech especially some of the touted AI products, is going to give us all extra opportunities to make great photos, but as Mr An is often willing to theorise, Will it give me an exxxxtra 10% on where I am now! Good question.

      When I weight it all up (pun intended), the 500PF and the D500 are a wonderful lightweight kit that delivers on promise. Can’t ask more than that. Not sure it would be much better if the camera did all the thinking.

      Keep takin’ pictures, we do


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