Field-Notes Book: Sharing a Meal

The young Hobbies were well established but still needed to be feed by the female.
In this sequence she divides up the catch among two of the young. The other would not miss out, as another meal was certainly on the way.

Mum is still carefully tearing off small pieces for the young,
Only a few days out of the nest, it is happy to patiently wait for each morsel
A big moment. “Can I choose a piece?”
It hurries off to a quiet spot on the brach to settle into both enjoying and learning
Number two arrives with much wing flap and calling to ensure that some of the goodies are still available
After a bit of juggling for position, it takes charge of the offering
So typical of a raptor, mantling over the prey with spread wings.
And it too takes off to begin its own feeding routine.

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