Little Visits: Hard Work Pays Off

Now that we have the chance to get out and about, well at least for 25km, it might seem strange that I’d start off by posting some activity on the river where we’ve been doing our daily walk.

Two things have become apparent on our little journeys.
Firstly: How many Magpie Larks are at work on nests or have already flown young.
Secondly: The numbers of Willie Wagtails, all with nests quite close to one another, 50m or so is not unusual, and they have all begun about the same time, and most of them are now fledging, or soon will be, their first clutch. And surprisingly for Willies, none so far seem to have suffered predation by larger birds.  We have about 6 nests for sure, and several others that have yet to be discovered.

It was time to take a look at how things were going, and to our delight one pair had managed to get their three young on the wing, either that morning, or the day before, as the young were still ‘getting their wings’.

Another pair, with perhaps the best nest location, under an overhanging branch now overgrown with a creeper, also just got their two on the wing. They seemed content to hop from branch to branch among the creeper and the branches.


One of two that have been on the wing for about 5 days.
Time for a food top up.
An adult with their three young aeronauts.
Still with short tails and rich brown markings. The short tail doesn’t stop them from “Wagging”.
Time for a food topup
And down it goes.
tough shot. Two just fledged and still really only branch hopping.
Overlooking its important charges. This is one of the adults with the branching young.

6 thoughts on “Little Visits: Hard Work Pays Off

  1. A wonderful series of images, David! Lovely to see! It is a wonderful time of year with all the hatching and fledging!
    willies are fascinating birds to study!

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  2. Must be great for you to be out and about again in the office David. Some lovely Spring offspring captures. Those Willys are great survivors, and very feisty little birds. We found them extremely brave and persistent against larger birds on our trip as they defended their nests.


    1. To tell the truth Adam, we’ve been lucky in that the covid lockdown forced us to walk this part of the local river and so many Wagtails have been hard at work. We would have missed them otherwise. Thanks Dan 🙂
      A pair of nesting Willies is what started my off on the Bird Photography Journey. I am going to share the story here, one day.

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