Photographic Essay: Bathing Together

If you’ve been following along of late, you’ll know that the local Spotted Doves have been working on a nest nextdoor.

I opened the door to step out onto the patio the other morning and just as I had the door half open, Tai Chi Pigeon came fluttering in under the gazebo roof and landed on a birdbath that is under the awning and against the fence.

Oh, I thought, I might get a bathing shot, and stepped back to get the camera, when I turned about, I thought my eyes were going on me, as I was sure I was seeing double. Then I adjusted and I had both Doves in the bird bath.

Pictures tell a thousand words,


11 thoughts on “Photographic Essay: Bathing Together

  1. Lovely to see them both in the bath! A delightful series, David. They are lovely birds. I just wish our two would let me get a shot other than on the power lines! They are very camera shy. And they love the left overs from our Peach-faced Lovebird’s feeding box.

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    1. G,day Ashley, they have ‘owned’ our small backyard for the last couple of years, and to some extent, have graciously allowed quite close approaches. After all the activity of the past couple of weeks I thought they would be sitting on the nest, but it doesn’t appear to be ready yet.

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    1. Hi Eleanor, that’s a shame, we have lots of Common Mynah that share the backyard, but this pair seem to keep them at bay. A wingclip from a dove is a pretty powerful whack, so they don’t have much problem.

      I guess I’m lucky that the pair have decided to that they ‘own’ the area. On rainy days, they shelter under the outside patio table, and we jokingly measure the severity of the storm by the number of sheltering doves.

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      1. That’s true but I’ve noticed how quick they are to use the freshly changed water – especially the wattlebirds appear very soon after.


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